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James Charles did my makeup! | Charli D'Amelio

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hi angels!
i first want to say that i hope everyone is staying safe and healthy during this crazy time. none of us can control what the future holds but each of us can do our best to spread positivity. don’t forget to take care of yourself, keep your body moving, wash your hands but also stay in contact with your friends and family online as often as you can so you can be mentally healthy, too. we need each other now more than ever. i love you all so much.
now on to the video…..
it’s been a long time coming but finally, my 'sister' james charles and i did our very first collab together and it was so awesome! i’m excited to share it with you guys!!
my video is a behind-the-scenes look at the making of our collab including going to his house, meeting his dog and seeing how the magic happens on his channel. don’t miss how i reveal my new, total glam look to my parents at the end. do they love it or hate it? (you’ll have to watch to find out!).
In james’ video, he does my make-up and along the way, he asks me a bunch of super fun and interesting questions that i’ve never answered before. It’s ‘classic james charles’ at his best..
check out the link to james’ video here: https://youtu.be/J5wqeUewAXk
special thank you’s to james and his amazing team including louis and jake and to my clip’s videographers lance and jacob!.
follow james charles, Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/jamescharles
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charli d'amelio photo 1 James Charles did my makeup!... charli d'amelio photo 2 James Charles did my makeup!... charli d'amelio photo 3 James Charles did my makeup!... charli d'amelio photo 4 James Charles did my makeup!...

James: *Talks loud*
Charli: *talks like she is in a library*

by Lovely Pinkly 2 weeks ago

Me: turns volume up to hear Charlie
Charlie: whisper whisper whisper
James: HEY SISTERS!!!!!
Me: Holy CRAP!!!!

by Audrey Kilsby 1 week ago

I don’t know why James gets so much hate he seems like a really good person

by oiuet souiu 1 week ago

Me: turns up volume to hear charli
Charli: talks like she’s whispering
James: EEeeEeEEeEeEeEeEeEeeeh!
Me: oh god

by Millie R 2 days ago

James “ur so sister stupid” charli “ur not sister wrong” James:StOp MoViNg

by Beepboopbap Hehe 1 week ago

James: edits EVERYTHING in his videos

Charli: raw footage

by alexandra 1 week ago

Me: Turning up the volume to hear charli

James: asks another question

My ears, being unprepared: 😳

by Treasa Connell 1 day ago

Charli: Walks in quietly looking like she doesn't want to be there

by Turan Kilderry 1 day ago

Charli is just talking so soft and James is talking like he’s at concert 😂

by Team Bloxxers 2 weeks ago

I love how Charli is so soft speaking and James is so like out their so I had to do this 📈📉 with my volume

by Sophie Brookes 1 week ago

James Charles: Talking about Tiktok ( stuff that make no sense 😂)
Charli: pretending he’s correct ( yah your totally right 🤫🤭)

by Manasvi Bandi 2 days ago

James: *talks like in concert
Charli:*talks like in library

by Toast The corgi 1 day ago

James :wetting the beauty blender
Charli: not knowing why
James:what you mean you don't wet it?!?
Charlie: yeah...
James: EW
Me. Waitttt people wet it?!?!?!!!

by Gaming With Maddi 6 days ago

Poor girl is only 15 and receiving so much hate. She’s so polite and soft spoken

by elisabeth Aspeling 1 week ago

I love how soft her personality is

by Monse V. 1 week ago

Charlie checking herself out
Everyone I’m the room: awkward
James: “Eeeeeeeeee”

by Apoorva Krishniya 5 days ago

James: U not sanitary
Charli: gives the look of disgust

by Alexandra Marder 5 days ago

Charli talks: * turns up volume *
James talks: *turns volume back down*

by Maya Papaya 2 weeks ago

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