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Coronavirus cases in UK rise sharply - as Italy closes schools for 10 days

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The number of cases of coronavirus in the UK has jumped to 87, the largest increase in a single day in the outbreak so far. (Subscribe: https://bit.ly/C4_News_Subscribe).
England's Chief Medical Officer has warned that we are on the verge of moving from trying to contain the virus by tracking all known cases, to the ‘delay’ phase of the official response..
That's to stop the number of cases rising too quickly. Meanwhile Italy - the worst affected country in Europe - is to close all schools and universities until the middle of the month.
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Close schools and universities please .... now before it’s too late

by Manal Theret 3 weeks ago

They say uk children can still go to school because the wouldn’t have bad symptoms so really they would be super spreaders taking it home to their families

by da man grows 3 weeks ago

We should shut all down for 2 weeks everything like travel and schools church meetings any groups. And wait. But goverment wants us to carry on.they are protecting themselves and NOT THE PUBLIC.

by Laura Bedford 3 weeks ago

Blows my mind that its taken a global super bug for people to realise the importance of washing your hands:face_palm:‍♂️

by jordan belfort 3 weeks ago

3.2% mortality rate

UK citizens: close everything

UK government :Na it'll be fine

by Scott riseborough 3 weeks ago

Good job i've got no mates. Never thought I'd see the day when there's a blackmarket for hand santeizer...

by PhantomAudio83 3 weeks ago

So, if I'm understanding this correctly: there needs to be a full-blown break-out before anything will be done. It still sounds like reactivity as opposed to pro-activity.

by tania derck 3 weeks ago

The only reason why nothings being closed is because they care so much about money flow and the economy rather than hundreds if not thousands of lives . Disgusting

by Sandra Bogeys 3 weeks ago

'it doesn't seem like we're there yet' so you actually have to wait until it gets bad enough to justify such a decision?Shouldn't these decisions be taken in advance not in retrospect?

by Iafiv Iv 3 weeks ago

U.K. only hand washing. South Korea testing hundreds of thousands. The Korean parliament has released billions to help their citizens. Here in the U.K. it’s about to get really bumpy!!!!

by 66reeves 3 weeks ago

Not taking lesson from China situation...they have locked down a city of 11 million people....
UK...you’re doom if this Gov only said...wash your hand !

by Tesco Primark 3 weeks ago

I have absolute faith in this governments total incompetence. Boris Johnson will go and hide in a fridge until it is all over. Meanwhile Liz Truss will make absurd speeches about cheese.

by Argle Plonidge 3 weeks ago

WHO: No Pandemic yet
Government: 100% believes in WHO
Me: It's already a pandemic weeks ago

Conclusion: You're on your own.

by teachmehowtodoge 3 weeks ago

I’ve seen how fast kids pass bugs around schools... just because they can’t get it doesn’t mean they aren’t carriers

by Double digit09 3 weeks ago

Switch from contain to delay? What containment effort was there to switch from?. Sitting back waiting for it to show up and then recording who is infected isn't containing anything.

by TheSlimeyLimey 3 weeks ago

I'm hoping schools will be closed, not to save me from Coronavirus, but to save me from my A-levels.

by ShintyShinto 3 weeks ago

"Masks don't work, but we need them for healthcare workers" I smell bullshit.

by zyxwvutsrqponmlkh 3 weeks ago

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