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Thailand on high alert as thousands of Chinese tourists arrive over the New Year period

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Thailand confirmed its fifth case of the novel coronavirus on January 24, the highest number of cases outside China. The woman, a tourist from Wuhan, was not detected at the airport and is now under quarantine in hospital. Authorities are on high alert as Thailand braces for a surge in tourists over the Chinese New Year holiday period..
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CGTN photo 1 Thailand on high alert as... CGTN photo 2 Thailand on high alert as... CGTN photo 3 Thailand on high alert as... CGTN photo 4 Thailand on high alert as...

They said the subject can be a carrier of the Virus for 14 days without knowing it. And during those 14 days, how many people has the subject has been it contained with. Stop Chinese people going around to others countries.

by Shawn Akkra 2 months ago

World wide shut down international Flights!

by Xpose 2 months ago

Cmon thailand..lock down your airport from chinese people.. ... We want to be safe here huhu...

by YOURSHOW 2 months ago

They will bring it to thailand because they don’t care about anyone but themselves. Stop all travel from china . what’s more important people’s safety or tourist dollars ?

by Thailove 2 months ago

Ban China Chinese, the gain cannot cover the lost

by Des Chan 2 months ago

Lock down your border Thailand!

by Zeno 2 months ago

Is the income from Chinese tourists is more important than the lives of the Thailand citizens?
Or is it me to think that the virus is a serious one?

by sam haring 2 months ago

Thailand gov’t only concern is the tourist industry income rather there the safety of its citizens!

by Johnny Johnson 2 months ago

Thailand gov’t just too idiots , they don’t want to stop Chinese tourist visiting Thailand because of income but they never thought it will affect negative impact to the tourism industry as the whole!

by Johnny Johnson 2 months ago

But they should've banned tourists from China till it blows over.

by andy chauhan 2 months ago

same happen here in philippines but they sent them back...

by siyoon Fun 2 months ago

Those ex-pats better leave Thailand quickly.

by Z Kommer 2 months ago

Thailand has the most Chinese tourist, Thailand gov’t has to stop the entry of Chinese tourist as what other country already did, if they don’t stop entry of Chinese tourist they are not only endanger their own citizens but as well other nations tourist as well ! Thailand gov’t stop looking at money from Chinese tourist, you are playing fire and may cause the tourism industry totally collapse!

by Johnny Johnson 2 months ago

China's health minister Ma Xiaowei made a startling statement Sunday about the Wuhan coronavirus: He said people can spread it before they become symptomatic.
It's much harder to contain a virus -- to track down a patient's contacts and quarantine them immediately -- if the patient was spreading the disease for days or weeks before they even realized they had it.

by samdee pride 2 months ago

LMFAO damn the CCP is fast at removing derogatory comments removed all 3 within 1 minute.

by Time to make Changes 2 months ago

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