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Japan coronavirus cruise ship quarantine lifted

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"A quarantine has ended onboard a cruise ship docked in Japan. Hundreds of passengers have been allowed to leave the ship, where more than 600 other people have gotten sick, and 79 people have confirmed coronavirus cases.
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It was completely Reckless for the Japanese government to allow these people to disembark and go about their daily normal lives unfortunately Japan will become the next Wuhan

by C. R 1 month ago

WTF, letting those people out into the general public is the same as intentionally spreading it.....just deliberate and reckless !!

Tokyo will be just like China soon......and they can say goodbye to the 2020 Olympics !

by rnupnorthbrrr SM 1 month ago

Too risky moving passengers around. A virus carrier without symptoms is like old Typhoid Mary spreading the disease wherever she goes without knowing it.

by Lee Ellak 1 month ago

Lets release the victims on the Incubator Ship and send them into the World!

by Mark Paintner 1 month ago

I think I'll watch a documentary tonight titled, Contagion....

by Stephen A 1 month ago

There are more on our Homeland we're unaware of I bet.

by The FPV Life 1 month ago

Worries me authorities are using the word "asymptomatic" to deflect blame.

by Jae Moon 1 month ago

Can we stop for a second and recognize that Japan just released asymptomatic cruise ship passengers into the public and there are no restrictions against flights from Japan...

by Kelli Votel 1 month ago

The spraying of a gas during the 1918 Spanish flu epidemic, caused the virus to mutate and bring about a 2nd,
and more lethal wave of the flu,
that killed people in 24hrs,
by causing the lungs to fill up
with fluid so fast.
...makes me wonder about the
"disinfecting sprayers"
that China has recently put up
all over the place.๐Ÿค”๐Ÿ˜ฏ

by Regina Redding 1 month ago

WHAT THE HECK IS GOING ON!! So what they are just giving up. Canโ€™t control it

by Greg F 1 month ago

Who takes cruises when this has been happening for at least a month. That any person who can afford a cruise would know about this. And if the cruise lines are still running cruises there's a problem.

by Sheila Macpherson 1 month ago

What if some of the passengers contracted the virus just 4 days ago and have no symptoms yet?
Now those people are being let out into the public!!! The virus will spread exponentially!

by Gonzo 1 month ago

Perfect strategic plan from the authority to deal with population problem.. Great plan. Let them go so they can spread the virus and when enough have died and after billions of dollars pocketed by the by special interest then release the antidote which has been there because it was crated along with the virus. Genius plan..

by Alejandro Martinez 1 month ago

"the despairing ship"

by Lynn Pan 1 month ago

Cat has left the bag! (...and it ate the bird)

by Jay S 1 month ago

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