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WHO: Spain New Epicenter Of Coronavirus Outbreak

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European cities are eerily quiet as countries enact new rules to try to contain the coronavirus outbreak. CBS2's Elizabeth Palmer reports

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CBS New York photo 1 WHO: Spain New Epicenter Of... CBS New York photo 2 WHO: Spain New Epicenter Of... CBS New York photo 3 WHO: Spain New Epicenter Of... CBS New York photo 4 WHO: Spain New Epicenter Of...

โ€œIf you have a ventilator, we will buy itโ€ ๐Ÿ’€serious.

by nhan vo 2 weeks ago

Who started this toilet paper crisis.... Just get in the shower ๐Ÿ˜‰ or do like the men and shake a lil ๐Ÿ˜†

by worldstarstud 2 weeks ago

Spain is going to Silver Medal.

by line1 line1 2 weeks ago

Toilet paper is one of the things you really don't want to run out of

by Diego Romeo 2 weeks ago

Please close all the business and everything in new york too to stop spreading it

by Fun Tube 2 weeks ago

UK is so naive, close all now!!!

by Land Lord 2 weeks ago

What people don't understand is that germ cells can hybornate as with animals the parvo virus that kills many dogs & cats as with other animals if they are not given shots to combat this virus, as with any other sicknesses virus germ cells can hybornate & survive within the ground or even in small places of homes for many years no different then mold which stays active for many years, what people should understand is that when we hear of the spanish flu/swine flu that infected millions in 1918 that germ cells of this virus didnt just die & go away, yes people got back to their way of life people thought everything was normal again even after years have passed bye but the virus germ cells are yet breeding well alive that if someone was to come into contact within the breeding grounds of this it can become active again after all these years from one person as a carrier to spread to others causing a domino effect scary to think that the spanish flu as with the bubonic plague is yet out there & one person could ignite an horrific pandemic that could wipe out millions across the globe as it did in the mid 13th century & in 1918.

by Bruno G1980 2 weeks ago

Why does Britain have fewer cases? What are they doing to contain the virus to keep it from spreading?

by French Vanilla 2 weeks ago

Spain and Italy have over 500K Chinese working in factories producing Gucci and other products with Made in Italy labels as the objective

by Bang Bang 2 weeks ago

Hope that bat soup was worth it China.

by Art Vandelay 2 weeks ago

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