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Ottawa to announce $25B to help Canadians through COVID-19 | Power & Politics

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The federal government is set to announce a massive aid package worth more than $25 billion to help Canadians and businesses get through the COVID-19 crisis.
To read more: http://cbc.ca/1.5500045
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CBC News photo 1 Ottawa to announce $25B to... CBC News photo 2 Ottawa to announce $25B to... CBC News photo 3 Ottawa to announce $25B to... CBC News photo 4 Ottawa to announce $25B to...

Suspended mortgage and car payments and boosted ei. Done

by J W 1 week ago

I'm self employed and work has drastically stopped. How does this help me?

by Darren R 1 week ago

Everyone complaining, please stop! You are not helping the situation. We don't know if this is the only help the government provides because we don't know how long the virus will last. Enough complainimg. Enough Liberal bashing. This is not the time for politics. This is the time to come together as Canadians.

by Melissa White 1 week ago

Hey all your negative comments don't help right now... This is the time when we need to try to cooperate

by Joe Mc 1 week ago

Meanwhile Elon Musk is leaving for Mars next Monday... 😂

by David Bolha 1 week ago

Small businesses don't care about your loans. What small business needs are a hold on debt repayment while they are being forced to shut down.

by Alex Symianick 1 week ago

I’m a small business owner in the entertainment/hospitality industry.

I just lost 💯 % of my clients and income.

Where’s the bailout for the little guy?

Airlines want a bailout?

Banks got it last time...time to pay it back...

Forgive the National debt and give people what they need to live!!!

COVID-19 economic plan

Cross Canada mortgage freeze
Free internet
Free cell phones
Free public transit
Cash for basic needs
Job share and creation

by B3L3V3R 1 week ago

China never wanted to release anyone from there country when this all started. They wanted to confine everyone what happened

by Busted Fox 1 week ago

What about unemployment insurance as a source of relief for people temporarily out of work?

by sailingsolar 1 week ago

Even ISIS are telling their suicide bombers to stay away from large crowds! Wash your hands.

by YoC Art! 1 week ago

I was injured in the car accident I'm not working how this going too help me

by Shahid Siddiqui 1 week ago

Holy man I need money to live it's too expensive here. Can we just pause on all expenses.

by 321shack 1 week ago

Bill China. This is the 2nd pandemic that killed thousands and hurt the world economy in last 10 years or so from there.

by Floyd The Barber 1 week ago

The budget continues to balance itself. Good thing Trudeau saved for a rainy day and didn’t give money to the countries all over the world.

by Joel Hartung 1 week ago

Thank God the printing presses are still working. More of dumping our incompetence onto the next generation. THANKS CHINA!!

by Brent Warren 1 week ago

This will be taxed on next year's income tax season.. plus this will result in inflation....sigh.....just get rid of our income tax....

by A LEE 1 week ago

Most people who are regular employees will benefit this. But for people who are self-employ or contract workers who self employed will not be able to benefit EI and cannot live on EI's minimum wage.

by John Lee 1 week ago

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