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Joe Biden’s surge on Super Tuesday, Bernie Sanders strong in the West

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Joe Biden celebrated a series of Super Tuesday victories in key southern states, building on momentum that has revived his Democratic presidential campaign in recent days. Bernie Sanders countered with a win in his home state of Vermont, Colorado, and Utah and was leading in the crucial, delegate-rich California..
As of 4:20 a.m. ET, the time this video was published, results in California and Maine had not been officially called.
See more results here: https://www.cbc.ca/1.5484488
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CBC News photo 1 Joe Biden’s surge on Super... CBC News photo 2 Joe Biden’s surge on Super... CBC News photo 3 Joe Biden’s surge on Super... CBC News photo 4 Joe Biden’s surge on Super...

The democrats screwed Bernie

by Ram 3 weeks ago

Biden has too much dirt on him. He will be crucified by Trump as a result . The truth.

by Johnnybgood 3 weeks ago

I can hear Donald Trump laughing here in the Netherlands.

by Dick Van Steijn 3 weeks ago

It`s so sad to see the Dem`s having to run a Biden when he has mental problems

by dan stomber 3 weeks ago

They lost if Biden wins he cant win against Trump it look like 2016 all overdose again

by charlief308 3 weeks ago

Can't wait to see Biden being roasted in debate against Trump.

by I'm B4dM4n 3 weeks ago

Back another loser , the day they pick Biden, where’s Hunter?

by Travis Fowler 3 weeks ago

Bloomberg finally understands money cannot buy him a certain kind of power

by Patricia Rambert 3 weeks ago

I foolishly thought you were going to give us delegate counts.

by Truck Taxi 3 weeks ago

No Med4All says Joe. Joe will also cut your Social Security. I can’t vote for that. Millions will sit on the couch and watch Koe lose on Election Day.

by Twostones00 3 weeks ago

Why does this feel that Warren stays in the race just to prevent her voters switch to Sanders

by Hamsters & stuff 3 weeks ago

warren is crazy if she thinks she stands any chance at all

by 2MUCHmoisture 3 weeks ago

🔎 SO... Where are the results?? WHERE'S THE LAMB SAUCE?? 😉
😏 The CBC using clickbait? Shame on you. 😕

by BigMamaDave X 3 weeks ago

News outlets like CNN and MSNBC gave him Massively positive free coverage ahead of the elections. This is not what the founding fathers meant by Freedom of the Press.

by Narn The Seaboo 3 weeks ago

When Biden gets destroyed by Trump the moderate boomers have them selves to blame.

by Jalen 3 weeks ago

Big surprise, they are stealing the nomination from the obvious frontrunner again, Sanders. They lost me last election because of this. This time I'm voting for Trump.

by Jessica Blesses 3 weeks ago

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