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Casi - Lion (Official)

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iTunes: hyperurl.co/q399nk
Spotify: hyperurl.co/lh1bpr
Pre-order vinyl: hyperurl.co/hktjdi
Lion written by Casi Wyn;
Released on Chess Club Records;
Produced & engineered by Ronni Vindahl;
Mixed by Jamie Snell;
Video by Maisie Cousins;
Concept by Maisie Cousins & Casi;
Video produced by Margo Mars, B-Reel Films.
I want to sleep, I wanna escape into the deep, I've tried my hardest to give us the change that we needed, I want to sleep,
We love the chains
That drag us down all day, We don't want to change, We're more than happy here,
Last night, I swear, I saw a Lion beside my bed, Have I woken up too soon
Or is the prince back from the dead?
I don't feel the need, I'm gonna stay here and see what they feed us, I'm tired of slipping
Again and again on the seaweed, I don't feel the need.

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"Ma' hi'n seriysli cripio fi allan"

by Ifan Dafydd 1 year ago

Okkkk New Fan Here !! Hello from Chicago ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿฝ

by WhatsDaT WhatsDaT 3 years ago

Too much compression , plenty of room for more dynamic range , great track love it !

by OfficialBassMerchant 3 years ago

I heared this song on Spotify. I liked the chorus. It`s so powerful. Casi give me your Skype just to speak wy. Greetings from Ukraine

by Vitalii Furman 3 years ago

Deserve more views and subscribers

by my Lim 2 years ago

Outstanding!!!! <3 btw what is her full name?

by ACEmusic 3 years ago

What happened to her I can't find on any social media

by bobby ray 2 years ago

Llongyfarchiadau am dy fideo newydd Casi! Dyn ni'n edmygu lot dy celf! Cofion cynnes o dy ffrinddiau o Ariannin! :)

by Lucas Mac Dougall 3 years ago

Trending with a thousand views. ๐ŸŒ๐ŸŒ

by bananabread 3 years ago

I enjoyed the depth of the lyrics & the dream like feeling. :)

by Miffymoments 3 years ago

Found this on spotify, and became obsessed with it. This song is so pleasing for my soul. No words can express how much I love it.

by Daria Lamberska 3 years ago

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