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Kid Chef Vs. Adult: Thanksgiving Leftovers Challenge

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Can an adult home cook defeat a MasterChef Junior contestant in a cooking competition? Let the battle begin! Masterchef Junior airs on FOX.
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BuzzFeedVideo photo 1 Kid Chef Vs. Adult: Thanksgiving... BuzzFeedVideo photo 2 Kid Chef Vs. Adult: Thanksgiving... BuzzFeedVideo photo 3 Kid Chef Vs. Adult: Thanksgiving... BuzzFeedVideo photo 4 Kid Chef Vs. Adult: Thanksgiving...

Alternative title: Small Child repeatedly roasts a full grown adult while the adult tries to cope with it.

by Naomi Salazar 3 months ago

listen to the song in the background Like if you know

by Ty Schindehette 3 months ago

Why are y’all using porn hub’s theme song?😂

by Timothy Woullard 3 months ago


Buzzfeed: let’s use porn music in the background

by Kellen Russell 4 weeks ago

Where do Tasty find all those over-confident children?

by M_K 2 months ago

How do I get this kid’s level of confidence?

by Sortaboring 4 months ago

Kyle: Competed in Mastechef season 7 and claims himself as a good chef
Me: Makes a sandwich Ya know I'm kind of a shef myself

by Foxy_Boris 2 months ago

This kids confidence is beyond anything in the dictionary.

by Illusive[Brick] 3 months ago

Why does the kids voice annoy me so much omg😤

by Devin Garza 4 weeks ago

I really appreciate the kid's skills in cooking, but man atleast have some respect. Your attitude matters more, rather than your skills.

by Eight Mango 2 months ago

I’m patiently waiting for the day that the adult wins

by Rouge_TheDragon 4 months ago

This kids ego is a lil' to high up there 😂🙄

by Mordin Solus 3 months ago

The boy reminds me of James Charles

by Meah Nijjar 2 months ago

The adult probably won’t ever win man like come on this show is rigged.

by YouLetGoWhy? 3 months ago

He’s been cooking for 9 years? But he’s like 8

by JuanD019 POTGS 4 months ago

He acts like he’s one of the best chefs in the world

by EXELORIST 3 months ago

I see a lot of comments abt Kyle’s manners and “disrespectful” behavior, but y’all gotta realize this is funny and friendly competitive banter. You can tell he’s being dramatic and silly. I’m sure if he was being legit his mama would’ve pulled him off set and whooped him real good

by Isabella Zaiden 2 weeks ago

If I was in this challenge:
Me: do y’all have a microwave?

by Star Cloud 2 months ago

When the adult was talking by the fridge did they remix pornhubs intro

by Elsoy Poptart 3 months ago

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