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Top 10 Fair Play Moments of The Decade 2010-2019 - Great Sportsmanship by Alaba, Hummels & Co.

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The Bundesliga’s role models for sportsmanship
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Players who uphold fair play deserve our appreciation and respect, acting as a role model with moments we’ll never forget. There are more important things in football than winning, including respect for each other out on the pitch, setting an example for those who watch the game. We’ve picked out the 10 best fair-play moments from the last decade, including top-class sportsmanship from Maximilian Arnold, David Alaba and Mats Hummels. Which moment impressed you most? Let us know in the comments.
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Meanwhile, Neymar is still rolling on the grass...

by Minmin Li 2 months ago

I like the respect between Bayern players with wolsburg players.

by Veroos Pierre 2 months ago

So like half way through the vid i wondered "why is there so many Bundesliga fair plays in here?"

Then i looked at who made the video.

by Heaven is a void of light 2 months ago

None of this would ever happen in the prem or la liga

by Spungblob 2 months ago

Only the Bundesliga players do that , that is why is the best league

by Rodrigo Chávez 2 months ago

"Slipped on the grass" my arse. You dived and realised everybody could see that you dived.

by Cambell Evans 1 day ago

Plot Twist: That foul is actually because of his hairstyle.

by Dio Jodianto 2 months ago

Kevin Kutschke
Stefan Kutschke


by Mr. Traphil 2 months ago

The Bremen player at gesturing at the ref for a penalty lmao

by LazyB 2 months ago

Find it weird when someone dives and then gets cold feet

by Harvey Holmes 2 months ago

These are my favorite kinds of videos

by Da Slayr 2 months ago

plot twist: Plea sabotages the goalies laces

by ig: sickode 2 months ago

Remember when last season Sterling kicked grass and that was given penalty for Man City against Schalke.... Sterling would never do something like this

by Valent Vresk 2 months ago

This is the spirit of sport : respect

by Vania Toldo 2 months ago

well clearly his teammates didn't appreciate that

by WMTC 2 months ago

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