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This is why we love Rugby! | A Gentleman's Game

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This is Why I Love Rugby - My Story | A Gentleman's Game?

by BRUGBY 1 month ago

Quote: "The difference between rugby and most other sports? After being called for a penalty, six-foot-nine, 260-pound, 22-year-old South African forward Lood de Jager said to the referee: 'Sorry, sir'".

by Andrés Fitzalan 11 months ago

I played rugby as a schoolboy and later in the RAF. I had my teeth damaged but was never seriously injured. I love the game above all other athletic pursuits and at 85 yrs of age I still view it and all its amazingly courageous players with the utmost respect...and every tournament, every game, to me, is a magnificent occasion.

by Mark Hamilton 1 year ago

Footballers could learn so much from this sport.

by Monfett 1 year ago

When the mighty All Blacks laid down that jersey to respect the recently deceased Anthony Foley they won my everlasting respect

by Aidan Keane 1 year ago

What I loved was hearing Nigel Owens tell Simon Zebo "I don't think you needed to do that, so I would suggest you go and apologise now" - these are the men that keep the game great: the referees, coaches, and senior players who demand respect and honour as much as technical and physical brilliance from their team. And what does Zebo do? He acknowledges and does the right thing. May rugby always be this way

by William Morris 1 year ago

Love it when two opposing players get yellows for fighting and become best mates in the bin

by munga1111 1 year ago

I can remember back in school when I was the victim of a bone crunching tackle and seperated my shoulder. The guy who hit me came over to make sure I was ok. Never forgot that.

by Andrew_ B 1 year ago

Someone from the bok tried to say Joe Rokocoko was off side Nigel Owens reply was 'No he wasn't he's just really fast' Classic

by Dylan C 1 year ago

My son - who was 10/11 at the time, hauled one of the opposition down just short of the line stopping a try. The lad started thumping him in the face and was hauled off by his coach (who apologised to me). My son's reaction? "It's just part of the game, he was just frustrated". At the end of the game he went over to him and shook his hand and said "no hard feelings". Our coach held his reaction up as an example to the rest of the players as to how to react. The opposition coach, seeing my son's reaction at the end just shook his hand and congratulated him on his sportsmanship.

by Richard George 5 months ago

its a hooligans game played by gentlemen

edit: wow thanks for the likes guys! how about a cookie for all of you ? 🍪🍪🍪

by JC Brits 1 year ago

I saw the ABs vs England at Twickenham once during the Autumn internationals. Where I was sat it was 60% Kiwis and 40% England fans. Everyone was knocking a beer or two back, chatting and throwing banter, all good natured. At one point the ref blows for a pen and both sets of fans stand up as one and shout "referee!" in dismay. The England fans because we didn't think it was a pen and the Kiwis because they thought he should have played advantage. Both sets of fans just stopped, looked at each other and then cracked up!

At the end of the game we shared another moment when the bloke on the tannoy announced Ireland had beaten Australia and everyone cheered. After the game about a dozen of us, both Kiwis and England fans, most of whom had never met before the game, all went for a beer together. Can you imagine that at a football game? That's one of the reasons I love rugby, we're fans of the game first and our teams second.

by speleokeir 7 months ago

Rugby players are some of the greatest people I've ever met. I've been a fan for a while but only got the opportunity to start playing when I got to university. Most of the women's team were 1st years and had never even seen a match, but our first week of practice the men's far more experienced team willingly scrimmaged with us, helping us with positioning and whatever we didn't know, exceedingly patient and really just there for the love of the game, not for any personal gain. I'll never forget that as long as I live. This is my sport, this is our sport. This is rugby.

by Alexandra M 1 year ago

During the handshake the players
That took knee were fijians

by Shivom Shandil 5 months ago

one funny quote from Nigel Owens was 'if your going to cheat do it right' love that ref

by Dylan C 1 year ago

I’ve played for 35 years. My greatest experiences , friendships, and memories are because of this game. Keep rukin, With you.

by Rocking5456 10 months ago

Staying quiet during the kicks is the most Munster/Irish thing ever - I'm glad it spread

Also the AF on the jersey still makes me cry

by I eat Banana skins 8 months ago

When I was a child, there was a sign in the locker room of my club that said: "We love to play rugby, but we can play because in front we have 15 friends to play the game. The greatest respect to them".

by Gustavo María Aragón 2 months ago

This Video should be the Official RWC 2019 Promo 👍🏻
Unbelievable editing skills, and music selection is just perfect

by Sonny Bill 1 year ago

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