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Bri & Fern photo 1 I'M A BAD MOTHER? BEING... Bri & Fern photo 2 I'M A BAD MOTHER? BEING... Bri & Fern photo 3 I'M A BAD MOTHER? BEING... Bri & Fern photo 4 I'M A BAD MOTHER? BEING...

I really liked how she didn't block out those girls names that left nasty comments. They deserve to see that if they wanna be that bold!

by Angela Chapa 2 weeks ago

hate when I’m reading comments and a freaking Ad comes up and takes me all the way up. Like bro! I was in comment 98!

by Chef Piggy 1 week ago

Whether y’all consider it “mommy shaming” or not, unsolicited advice/tips about motherhood is annoying! She didn’t ask y’all for your tips, let her live and learn how to be a mother on her own. She doesn’t have to share this journey with us, yet she still does! So shut up and appreciate it, or move on!

by SJ M 2 weeks ago

Two airhead? Sis she ain’t 16 living with her parents and there’s nothing wrong with that either but they have a beautiful home been in a relationship for 9yrs y’all just mad cause she’s a beautiful doing it the right way!

by Ling Aroundmf 2 weeks ago

Evian wanted Brittany to pick him up, when Brittany was on the phone in the morning.

by Cidalia Perez 2 weeks ago

She’s a first time mom, let her learn by her mistakes not everybody was a “ perfect mom “ with they’re first baby!

by Emely Contreras 2 weeks ago

“I just washed my hands too , before you guys start” fern tired of everyone’s shit 💀

by jade diaz 2 weeks ago

I don’t understand how people are soo mean like she is a FIRST time mother like she’s stressed and also anxious I mean every first time mother has gone through this don’t mom shame like wtf! Also postpartum depression is a thing as well.

by Modesty Duarte 2 weeks ago

Babygirl you do your thing. Half of this “mommies” didn’t even raise their kids. Maybe their mom would watch this kids or take care of their kids while they out party every weekend. And I’m saying this for what I’ve seen. Females this days they give birth and right away they go out every weekend while their mom watch their kids. Smh 🤦🏻‍♀️
But babygirl your doing amazing ! And like everyone said you don’t got to be perfect to be pleasing people who been saying you a bad mom which your not ! ❤️

by Anna Mendez 2 weeks ago

The best parenting tip I could give u, is “change your smoke alarm batteries 🔋 “ 😫😫😫

by mari rodriguez 2 weeks ago

If you don’t show your baby there all gonna say that you don’t spend time with him ... you really can’t please everyone . Just do your thing girl .

by Diana Rivas 2 weeks ago

Also hearing harsh things like this on what she should and shouldn’t do with her baby can get frustrating and stressful that could lead to postpartum depression.

by Modesty Duarte 2 weeks ago

Aww Evi said "Yeah" when you asked him if he wants a baby brother 💙 Bri you're a first time mommy little by little you will adjust and learn. Don't let the shaming get to you, people have nothing better to do. What lashes are you wearing with the blue contacts?

by Kiikkii 2 weeks ago

“I’m trying to lose weight” gets a wet burrito ME af 😂

by Melissa Quintana 2 weeks ago

I laughed so hard at the pillows lmaooo girl you gotta start reading the description and the reviews 🤣

by First Name 2 weeks ago

LMAOOOOOOO she said “I’m just gonna walk away” MEEEEE whenever I get disappointed and I don’t want nothing to do with it after lol

by Launa Jim 2 weeks ago

Fern:"what u know how to dance let me see"
Me:"I've never seen bri dance lol"🤣
I can eat evi in kisses too hes soo adorable!!😍i love it when he smiles n baby talks omg!!

by crystal sanchez 2 weeks ago

New moms, moms having their 1st 2nd 3rd and 4th all need positive support. Everyone should be telling her how great of a job she's doing. I agree with supporting their head but he didnt look like he was in any distress, babys will let you know.
Yall stop telling her to lay that baby on his side, drs recommends babys only lay on their back while they are asleep
The risk of sids goes up with side or tummy sleeping. Both my babys slept on their back and neither of them had a flat head. Babys will roll and sleep on their side and tummy when they are ready.

And its almost impossible to over feed. Babys go through so many growth spurts and cluster feedings, let babys eat when they want to eat, dont time. Its called "demand feeding"

Anyways, youre doing great mama . He looks happy and healthy💕

by Brittany Calhoun 1 week ago

Fern: Where the freckles at ?
Bri: Right here
Fern: Those black dots ... Smirks
Lol 😂

Small youtuber willing to support others

by Alyssa Testa 2 weeks ago

Girl that baby eatin good , is happy , has a great home , everything he needs ! Oh And two gorgeous ballin parents . Let em hate !! Y'all doin jus fine ❤️

by unique tanik 2 weeks ago

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