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Freeman Dyson: Heretical Thoughts About Science and Society

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Freeman Dyson with dry wit and self-effacing good humor explains that by heretical he means ideas that go against prevailing dogmas, and that in his self-appointed role as heretic, he is unimpressed by conventional wisdom.
Hosted by Pardee Center for the Study of the Longer-Range Future on November 1, 2005.

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R.I.P Freeman Dyson!

by GZA 1 month ago

In memory of Freeman Dyson, I'm watching this today.

by Hoo Guan Peh 1 month ago

The most intelligent person I have ever listened to. I thought of my grandson and wished he was older so I could share this video with him. So well explained.

by Keith Allsebrook 8 months ago

The best scientist never to have won a nobel prize: a true genius

by Keith Jones 1 year ago

I and others did not outwardly laugh at his dry humor but I, and probably others, recognized it and smiled/laughed inside.!!! I hope Freeman Dyson understands and appreciates how I, and I believe others, appreciate the clarity with which he speaks, sincerity, and precision of what he is saying... I plan on listening to other talks Freeman Dyson has made and I do know of his contributions to science from listening to others like Jim Al-Khalili to name one of many.

by Rodger Wiese 1 month ago

Still a Genius in every definition of the word in 2010. Born in 1923 and going strong in 2019

by jayc2469 8 months ago

RIP. Sail through the cosmos. The rings of Saturn await you.

by deserteagle7238 1 month ago

His eyes looked like a child.

by liu lucy 1 month ago

Great lecture and a brilliant lecturer indeed. I would like to point one thing. At the beginning he talks about the longevity of top countries and says that France was followed by Britain in this. I always found this comments unprecise and vague, because when I try to think at that myself I can't imagine a better way than to think that countries have their ebbs and flows. First of all does he mean that Britain was the top country in 19th century? France also was from the scientific point of view, indeed great mathematicians and physicists of the end of the century were french (not to mention the germans). So he probably refers to general wealth and economic conditions of a country and the efficiency of its rulers. Luckily intelligence is not involved in that :)

by Stefano Barbotto 3 weeks ago

Love him! My hero! Such a pure heart!

by Yopu Eelin 1 year ago

He is the Zeus in my pantheon of heroes!.. and im not even a humanist, Im more of a naturalist.

by Paul G 8 months ago


by yun 1 month ago

So grateful I live in the US and own land and farm and know how to live a full and successful life in nature and in peace - no need to "be number #1" as a nation but very satisfied to be my own number #1 as I am. Sometimes it's better to find your own small piece of perfection in this otherwise imperfect world and stay as far away from other imperfect beings as you possibly can. lol

by Dee Smith 2 years ago

Vey impressed by his evaluation of the ignorance of climatologists about ecological and atmospheric complexity.

by Don Fox 6 months ago

This guy predicted CRISPR kits to edit genes at home

by lugue79 4 days ago

Inquisitor! Call an Imperial chaplain or Commissar

by Abel Arredondo 10 months ago

The question should not be how did we live without Google, but rather, how do we live with it.

by Ted Baxter 3 days ago

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