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Bob Ross - Winter Frost (Season 10 Episode 12)

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A cold mountain-scape, but Bob Ross adds a vibrant sun high in the sky, and your snowy paradise is warm and cozy..
Season 10 of The Joy of Painting with Bob Ross features the following wonderful painting instructions: Towering Peaks, Cabin at Sunset, Twin Falls, Secluded Bridge, Ocean Breeze, Autumn Woods, Winter Solitude, Golden Sunset, Mountain Oval, Ocean Sunset, Triple View, Winter Frost, and Lakeside Cabin.
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Originally aired on 11/19/1986

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Bob Ross photo 1 Bob Ross - Winter Frost... Bob Ross photo 2 Bob Ross - Winter Frost... Bob Ross photo 3 Bob Ross - Winter Frost... Bob Ross photo 4 Bob Ross - Winter Frost...

The universe didn't start with a big bang , it started with a thin layer of liquid hwite

by Sheetal Lahoti 3 weeks ago

I'd like to imagine that Bob is now teaching the angels how to paint😊

by Drew Morgan 4 weeks ago

People who clicked the dislike button couldn't find where their Sun lives.

by Vita Medelyte 4 weeks ago

The dislikes are the devils he beat out of his paintbrush.

by Ariyan Zaman 4 weeks ago

"I burn Kool-aid."

I can't believe a painter can actually pull off better jokes than most comedians these days

by やまの•O ω O• 4 weeks ago

Bob Ross didn’t die, god just wanted to learn how to paint

by Senadi Akmeemana 3 days ago

Bob is the opposite of a perfectionist. Wish I could be like him, not being afraid of making mistakes.

by Λ Y 1 week ago

“I’m not a very good cook....I burn kool-aid” 😂😂 anyone here in 2020??

by UltraPsychoX 4 weeks ago

today my brother called me a mistake
i said

no mistakes
just happy little accidents

by Gym * Mars 4 weeks ago

“We don’t make mistakes, we have happy accidents”

by Fuck You 4 weeks ago

I’m painting with him as a coping mechanism during quarantine

by TardisInTheSkye 6 days ago

I looked away for 3 seconds and he had a whole heccin mountain

by IAmAHuman 4 weeks ago

So this is the father of ASMR...

by Richie Demo 3 years ago

“Take a weak pill”
dude, Bob Ross literally invented “take a chill pill”

by Extar 4 weeks ago

"The camera man gives me a hard time"
*Beats the devil out of brush*
* Child like grin *
"Now he's got freckles"
Planet Earth is blessed to have known you, Bob Ross <3

by Melanie McKinnis 1 week ago

30-35 years ago at this point, I remember being home sick from school and watching the Joy of Painting. Oddly enough I remember this exact episode. Even odder is YouTube has it as a random recommendation... Amazing that even today, 30 minutes of watching this man paint is enough to remind you that things are going to be ok. Miss you buddy!

by JJ 3 weeks ago

When you got a A+ in art class
"he may be gone, but a part of him still lives in me"

by Baby yoda 4 weeks ago

The people who clicked the dislike button just had a little happy accident

by Rags G 4 days ago

Talking about the trees: "They hide right here in the brush, just shake 'em out."

by Justin Neilson 1 week ago

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