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Bob Harris gives the fastest Millionaire Phone-A-Friend answer ever

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Bob gives author Kim "Howard" Johnson (biographer of Monty Python and Del Close) the fastest Phone-A-Friend answer in the history of WWTBAM -- and $250,000 to boot.

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Bob Harris photo 1 Bob Harris gives the fastest... Bob Harris photo 2 Bob Harris gives the fastest... Bob Harris photo 3 Bob Harris gives the fastest... Bob Harris photo 4 Bob Harris gives the fastest...

Well now I know that in 1960 Norman Mailer stabbed his second wife, Adele, with a penknife during an argument at a party.

by JanEn3 1 year ago

Is that just common knowledge to some people? XD

by Impossabear 1 year ago

In 1960, what author staNORMAL MAILER

by Henri 4 years ago

Who else thought that, from the title, that Bob Harris actually gave the answer to a million dollar question, not a 250K question?

by Joe R 2 years ago

Anyone know if he won the 1 million?

by graveyard63 2 years ago

It's funny seeing a friend answer a question with that much speed and confidence but it's even more funny when the audience LOLs about it.

by Zottffss 2 years ago

"You've got 30 seconds and the time starts....now" - "NORMAN MAILER!!" :D

by Matti2609 4 years ago

in 1960, what author stabbed his second wife adele with a penknife during an argum.. NORMAN MAILER

by bak544 9 years ago

Talk about luck, Howard Johnson his real name also won 12,000 on the syndicated version of the Weakest Link with George Gray and his phone a friend was Bob Harris a 5 time Jeopardy winner

by Richard Cleveland 5 years ago

Lol straight off the top
Norman Mailer

by RileyyJH 5 years ago

Hello bob... Norman Mailer

by PEIN 1 year ago

Ahahaha, the only thing that would make this better would be if he had immediately responded "Who is Norman Mailer?"

by Fennec Besixdouze 5 years ago

Probably not the Bob Harris from Jeopardy, but I understand why people would think otherwise.

by EqualsPeach 3 years ago

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