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DaBaby Turns Up & Performs “Intro” & “Babysitter” With Offset! | Hip Hop Awards ‘19

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DaBaby rocks the mic at the 2019 Hip Hop Awards with his song "Intro" and Offset from Migos steps onto the stage for their collaboration "Babysitter"
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BETNetworks photo 1 DaBaby Turns Up & Performs... BETNetworks photo 2 DaBaby Turns Up & Performs... BETNetworks photo 3 DaBaby Turns Up & Performs... BETNetworks photo 4 DaBaby Turns Up & Performs...

Offset killed it matched his energy

by Madman Cb 5 months ago

I’m happy for DaBaby man. People literally slept n left him n the cold. And he stayed solid. Bless up

by Dee Whyy 5 months ago

Chance the rapper: “Im the type of guy thats gone wife the babysitter”

by Jerome Watts 5 months ago

I love how dababy seems like he always having fun.

by Audacious Crissy 5 months ago

He bring the annoying hypeman everywhere he go , that’s love

by Tampa is back 5904 5 months ago

When his eyes started watering on that first song about him losing his dad, I felt bad for him🥺

by Dragon Raja Gaming 5 months ago

So y'all ain't going to talk about how megan was dancing to his song🤫

by Kkm tv 5 months ago

Damn they hit the church n then the club in less than 5 mins

by benjamin dewee 4 months ago

The “choir girls” represent the h0es who club on a Saturday night and be up in church the next day 😂😂😂

by Livi D. 5 months ago

I like the choreography and all the talented black women he incorporated ✊🏾

by Maya Andrea 5 months ago

DaBaby & Offset: How lit you want it?
BET: Yes.

by Flawless Britny 5 months ago

chance is so cute, he’s always supporting other artist

by kikianna c 3 months ago

Yooo! Offset killed this verse, never seen him spit like that 😯

by Don Rubix 5 months ago

Chance can't be rapping along. He loves his wife not a babysitter 😂

by Rvch Drip 5 months ago

Offset came in with that energy 💯🔥🔥

by ellison. 5 months ago


Not a soul:


by xxabdullahi 1 month ago

“Give it up for Da-
Da baby immediately starts rapping

by BadBoiRian 5 months ago

“Lemme talk, hi this the youngest DJ in the world no cap this is DJ Kid.”

by sehara escobar 5 months ago

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