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Beabadoobee - Bea's Church Of Rock & Roll - Episode One

Beabadoobee - Bea's Church Of Rock & Roll - Episode One
UK Tour 2019
Directed by Thomas Davis

Beabadoobee photo 1 Beabadoobee - Bea's Church Of... Beabadoobee photo 2 Beabadoobee - Bea's Church Of... Beabadoobee photo 3 Beabadoobee - Bea's Church Of... Beabadoobee photo 4 Beabadoobee - Bea's Church Of...

I’m a simple woman I see Beabadoobee I click

by Noor 1 month ago

I gave Bea a necklace at Exeter and she wore it to every show afterwards 🥺🥺 she's honestly the sweetest person on this planet.

by Ella Squeeze 1 month ago

“Uk fans have more crackhead energy” well that’s because in the uk we’re all on crack

by Amber Watkins 1 month ago

bea’s concerts hit complETELY different. i went to the london concert and the entire crowd simultaneously collapsed after the first song from moshing too hard. it was the best feeling in the world

by molly hanson 1 month ago

this footage makes me feel lucky to be in the same generation as bea

by e p 1 month ago

this just totally fills me with emotion I can’t even explain how much bea’s music has changed my life

by Claudia C 1 month ago

With the freckles she looks like she's a character from an Archies comic. Beautiful.

by Just Awake 1 month ago

im in a wheelchair but all i wanna do is mosh at one of her concerts

by ella rosenberg 1 month ago

The funny this I stumbled across her looking for pavement music videos half these people don’t even know who they are even tho she wrote a song about Stephen malkamus

by New New Milo 1 month ago

am I the only one who didn't understand a word she just said at the intro?

by Eine V. 1 month ago

idk why this fills me with so much nostalgia aaaHH

by clara 1 month ago

Bea and her band and the whole scene in general put off such a 90's vibe, I love it! Takes me back, good to know theres still I big interest in rock n roll and just having fun with music

by Eric Reynolds 1 month ago

This chick really plays bass

by sugoi bee 1 month ago

Bea🖤, your happiness is so contagious..thank you so much for making me feel alive and making me wanna love life through your music and through you🖤 I hope my words can give u strength and joy in the same way urs do to me (^-^) love your music, love u🖤

by Hiba L 1 month ago

Shes so beautiful aha. What a tallented QUEEEEEEN

by Lily eve 1 month ago

the fact that you came to my city and i didnt realize.. im super sad now :(

by llaceyy xo 1 month ago

i'm a simple boy i see beabadoobee i click

by asd qw 1 month ago

I can see myself at the front of the stage, looking at Bea as if my life depended on it lmao. That London show was the best concert I've ever gone to :,)

by Teresa 1 month ago

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