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Wretch 32 & Avelino FITB

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Who’s listening during corona virus pandemic ? 🦠

by Adam Allison 1 week ago

Who else listening in 2020?

by Olamide 2 months ago

This never gets old!! march 2020 who's listening still?

by Ryan c 2 weeks ago

October 2019. Gotta listen to this at least once a month.

by Haroon Ahmed 5 months ago

Still pissed at Charlie for stopping Wretch

by Kool Gamez 9 months ago

Avelinos verse is so overlooked, it’s too hard 🥶

by Patrick Heminway 5 months ago

Them 2.9k dislikes are the amount of times Avelino shook his head

by Adam O’Brien 4 months ago

I rate Avelino he spits straight flames but he blinked four million times during his verse and shook his head five million during Wretch's.

by Charlie Perkins 5 months ago

Lately death's been getting ever so close
Been feeling spirits while I'm driving, I should get me a ghost
Growing up, didn't know the difference 'tween the road and my home
Now I'm grown, I'm trying to buy every home on my road
Takeaway's been over-rinsed, I need a chef to come and live with me
Last time I picked up a pot—I nearly killed a fiend
I don't see a potent rapper out here that can mirror me
When I gave my kidneys to these kids, they must be kidding me
Do you remember playing operation? (Yeah)
That's how I feel about these compilations
Think they're the next Dr. Dre until they lose their patience
Saying the game's in a state, man that's an understatement
I mean, how much more gems can I drop—on the future?
How much of my fans might just not buy my new stuff?
We all got bars, but nobody here's a brewer
I'm bringing sandwich to the beach in the hope of finding tuna
This is nonsense—past tense
I'm a rap genius—I've passed sense
So if you ain't got a 2-1, or you ain't 3-2, you gotta graduate before you pass Wretch
We got off on the wrong foot because you half-step
Meanwhile, I'm getting restless because I can't rest
Twenty-one hours I'm awake, the other three I'm in a daze writing what to say with my last breath
Can you not hear the difference? Even when it's in your system?
Every time I flip the script, I got a scripture
I've seen man go from the strip to the strip club
I'm tryna go from eating Rich Tea to the rich club
I used to wanna go from the bits to the BRITs cuz
And then I realised it's a fix when your skin's dark
Should I do a Kanye and keep it triller?
Fuck that—even when I lose, I'm the winner
I'm—the people's champ let me thank the people
Who—never got the point until they grabbed the needle
Niggas tried to minus my pluses just to divide my people
Who go from stepping on roaches to stepping by The Beatles
It's progression at its finest
They say my weakness is kindness
I killed 'em with success, cause it's timeless
Every verse is a verse from the chapter of writing
The Writing's on the Wall, we know who Destiny's Child is
King Kendrick or Jermaine Cole
Or are you saying "King Wretched" or "Jermaine's Cold"?
I'm trying to lay The Blueprint and give you Reasonable Doubt
So when you Watch the Throne, they can see me Change Clothes
Hang on, wait
You best believe that I'm a general
'Cause one of us have gotta compete at all the festivals
And I've been out here rapping for free before my testicles dropped
Man, I'm so credible, I'm incredible, ugh
They say a promise is a comfort to a fool
I'm lying if I want to say I live in comfort, I'm the truth
And this will be the best Fire in the Booth
And I doubt they'll tell you different when I'm standing in the room
Why? Different class
Sometimes you have to ask:
"Do you want to be the best in your country or your school?"
In a country full of rules, where we're selling lollipop to keep them sucking on our balls
It's survival of the fittest, so I'm Mo Farah
I'm black as Akon, just tryna to find my own Gaga
The less mercy you show could leave you merciless alone
But I'm yard grown, so I ain't taking no badda, nah
And Tidal's got the whole world moving crazy
It's like they rather free Spotify playlist
That's messed up, like them cops on the day shift
Who just can't stop and search without tazing
Shit seems shocking when you're reading about it
Six years old they was raiding my house, shit
Tryna find my uncle, didn't open my mouth, shit
My dad mighta killed me—no snitching on our ship
The Titanic ain't going down because of me
See I can't swim, but I'll be the anchor for the scene
See how did they expect musicians to stay afloat
When all our sales keep going down the stream?

by Tadhg Perry 4 months ago

Avs verse is so overlooked because of how good Wretch’s was

by James Luggar 3 months ago

Wretch’s instrumental is The XX - Intro
(Incase anybody liked it)

by wasupm 5 months ago

I've, been in hospital for just over a week now after unexpected spinal surgery and wasn't given a very good chance of recovering. My mental health has been really up and down, especially today. I had an mri scan earlier, where they put some headphones on you and play music to try and drown out the sound of the machine. Couldn't hear or care what was playing because after about 25 minutes I became really disorientated, I had gone completely numb from the waist down and my legs started kicking out uncontrollably. I was ready to push the button for them to pull me out of the machine when, clear as day I hear this through the headphones . Immediately wretch's lyrics start going through my head followed by a rush strength, enough to see me through the last part.
I really want all artists to know that there is so much more power in your art than you can imagine you touch people and give them strength every day.
Thanks for today wrench 32 coz even when I lose I'm a winner and if someone can tell me who's beat this is and pass on my thanks to them too I'd appreciate it ✌️

by Andy Walker 3 months ago

I like how they put ‘rapper’ underneath their names like we couldn’t have guessed

by Jamie B 3 days ago

Some say Avelino is still shaking his head to this day

by Andeey 11 months ago

Still waiting for it to go on spotify 😂

by Kai Mather 6 months ago

I will never forgive Charlie sloth for ruining wretches momentum

by Adam Dunne 4 months ago

There's something so passionate about wretch's verse that keeps me coming back to this video.

by Mark C 5 months ago

i swear Wretch went into this knowing he was gonna kill it.

by Jesse Simons 4 months ago


by ali badshash 5 days ago

november 2019 lets hear it

by Rory 1 4 months ago

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