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1Xtra in Jamaica - Seani B’s 90’s Dancehall Cypher from Big Yard Jamaica

#Alozade #Jamaica #1Xtra #Powerman #Entertainment
Powerman, Alozade, Hawkeye, Danny English and Mr. Lex go back to back on Classic 90’s Riddims exclusively for Seani B and BBC Radio 1Xtra in Jamaica 2017
Listen to more performances here - http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/p04s2kr9

#Hawkeye #Danny English #Mr. Lex

BBC Radio 1Xtra photo 1 1Xtra in Jamaica - Seani... BBC Radio 1Xtra photo 2 1Xtra in Jamaica - Seani... BBC Radio 1Xtra photo 3 1Xtra in Jamaica - Seani... BBC Radio 1Xtra photo 4 1Xtra in Jamaica - Seani...

Hawykeye is the most underrated dance-hall artist i know

by Justin Ringanayi 2 years ago

this is bashment. Not this new autotune garbage 😒😄

by Natalie Black 2 years ago

Frisco Kid is missing from this line up

by Lenny Sharke 2 years ago

Next line up, General B, Merciless, Harry Toddler, General Degree, Alley Cat ...

by Vicksmoka Official 2 years ago

Why aren't this legendary 90's artist on a tour circuit as a group

by Dhaen Alcindor 2 years ago

When alozade just walked in and caught that forward was wicked

by Eric Munoz 2 years ago

Hawk has a timeless legendary legendary flow, God knows.

by Daddy lewis 2 years ago

I wanna hear more from Alozade....him bad and I like his voice..Please, more love from Kenya Africa.

by Michael Kinyua 2 years ago

90s dancehall was bad like yaaz

by andyb willo 2 years ago

English hog the mic like him never see a mic since him come out a jail but everybody chat well same way!

by k1assic 2 years ago

Hawkeye, Danny English, Powerman, Alozade and Mr.Lexx pure niceness Egg Nog and Roundhead should have been there also

by not famous81 2 years ago

This is where grime originated from .. serious

by TTH 808 2 years ago

ahhh he's pissing me off let the bloddklart ting play ! i wanna hear guy in red hat shell.

by ALIENSHADZ 13 2 years ago


by Dj Genius 2 years ago

Mr. Lex voice and delivery bad nuh blood...

by MrSwarai 2 years ago

I consider these artist Early Millennium artist not 90's artist except Powerman.

by Triple.B T.V. 2 years ago

Best era right yasso, only wish mi idol Baby Wayne coulda been alive to be inna dis cah him would kill it.

by Luciano El 2 years ago

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