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Phil and Alice: Macklemore - Thriftshop Parody video

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As part of Dan and Phil's Radio 1 DJ music video making competition, Radio 1's new late evening specialist hosts Alice Levine and Phil Taggart take to the streets of London to record the ultimate Macklemore parody video in some charity and vintage shops.
***Dan and Phil's Radio 1 audience voted this their favourite video in the inaugural Dan and Phil DJ Music Video Making Challenge (c) 2013!
***Get the whole show here: www.bbc.co.uk/radio1/danandphil
***Email a link to your own parody music video danandphilbbc.co.uk

#dan and phil #thriftshop #music video #bbc radio 1 #bbc #charity shop

BBC Radio 1 photo 1 Phil and Alice: Macklemore -... BBC Radio 1 photo 2 Phil and Alice: Macklemore -... BBC Radio 1 photo 3 Phil and Alice: Macklemore -... BBC Radio 1 photo 4 Phil and Alice: Macklemore -...

Best thing everr, i've watched this so much :D

by Sam W 7 years ago

This is genius!! OMG I cried of laughter!

by nikeduijk 7 years ago

this was sooo awesome, i mean the swag was just :D

by Emma VC 7 years ago

this version is so different!! this mix is a-a-awesomeeee haha

by cupcakebbieber 7 years ago

LMAO i want to do a random dance in a store with fur clothes on now... congradulations lamo

by Mega dogtor 7 years ago

This is definitely gonna win! Gotta love clothes from thrift shops!

by HeyJess27 7 years ago


by Charms 7 years ago

Hahahaaa this..... it looks incredible! *pun intended*

by How Phantastic 7 years ago

OK this is the best thing ever!! hi dan and phil :D

by Ava G 7 years ago

So glad you won! Me and my friend wanted you to get it! Great work!

by kokopixie22 7 years ago

This is freaking awesome awesome.... see what i did there? ;)

by Imogen 7 years ago

Does anyone recognise where abouts in London this is? Just wondering :)

by Giulia 7 years ago

Could you post up the shops this was filmed in plz would like to visit when im in London

by HardButAerodynamic 6 years ago

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