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Rainy Boy Sleep at Reading Festival 2011 - BBC Introducing stage

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Watch Rainy Boy Sleep perform at Reading Festival 2011 on the BBC Introducing stage: http://www.bbc.co.uk/music/festivals/...


BBC Music photo 1 Rainy Boy Sleep at Reading... BBC Music photo 2 Rainy Boy Sleep at Reading... BBC Music photo 3 Rainy Boy Sleep at Reading... BBC Music photo 4 Rainy Boy Sleep at Reading...

We can ill afford to lose such musical stars in this dark benighted world.

by Tim Veater 3 years ago

my sis has met him and got his auto she still has it

by Aston Drew 5 years ago

I played this set on repeat during an exam period last year. rip.

by NESSA CASSIDY 3 years ago

Very sad news tonight, Stevie's body has been found. RIP to an amazing singer.

by Emma Cassidy 3 years ago

He has been missing for three weeks. They found his car parked at a lighthouse. Lifeboat and helicopter searches underway

by Dan Barnett 3 years ago

Love the way the Northern accent comes through in his singing voice.

by stickypool 5 years ago

There for me when I needed you. A good friend and a phenomenal talent. I miss you buddy.

by donnellybags 3 years ago

I was there. :-) Powerful voice, and masterful use of the samplers. Good work! Yours Truly was running through my head for days afterwards... Even started writing a song which it took me ages to realise was based entirely on the melody from the chorus. Thumbs up.

by baengelmusic 8 years ago

Ambulance <3 My favourite set of the festival by far!

by yoursir100 8 years ago

Such a talent... gone way too soon... :( RIP Rainy Boy Sleep xo

by Davina Simpson 3 years ago

Great talent and person

by Cathy Moo 3 years ago

everyone keeps posting abt rainy boy sleep being amazing lol bt how was james morrison ???

by Maxime Blake 7 years ago

I love to know who the 2 muppets were that clicked dislike on this are!

by Conor Mailey 8 years ago

I bought his EP at the James Morrison concert (signed). Such a good buy despite lack of more than 4 songs. He is so good and hopefully he won't ride on his central 4 songs and pushes through! Great guy and the acoustics in the Morrison concert at the Apollo made it so so intimate and concentrated. Great sound. Hopefully see more from this kid.

by Piers Brown 8 years ago

What a voice what a talent.So sad for his family and friends. God Bless.

by brecans 3 years ago

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