BBC Music Introducing Feedback Centre

Meet with a host of BBC Music Introducing and industry staff, with tips and advice on how to make your break.

Feedback Centre speakers

Feedback Centre line-up

If you’re looking to get your music aired on BBC radio and BBC playlists, the chance to play at BBC events, or specific answers to your industry questions, this Feedback Centre offers you the information you need. Learn how to upload your music to the integral Introducing platform, get feedback on your tracks or advice on how to reach a wider audience. Uploading your tracks to BBC Music Introducing will inevitably widen your audience and could offer you that potential break you desire.

Get feedback on your music

If you’re a musician and have a recent demo you’re keen on having critiqued, the feedback centre is the perfect place to stop by. It’s always wise to have a fresh pair of ears to listen to your demo and give their perspective. A notable professional from the industry will assess your demo and then offer one-to-one guidance on the next step to take in order to improve your musical career.

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