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Nina Simone on BBC HARDtalk, 1999

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HARDtalk at 20: In 1999 Tim Sebastian sat down with the singer and activist Nina Simone. With her vocal performances and civil rights activism, she built a fearsome reputation as someone not to be messed with. She worked with Martin Luther King and once even shot at someone who threatened to cheat her in a business deal.

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Interviewer: "So you sing from anger?"
Nina: "No, I sing from intelligence......I don't want them to think that I don't know who they are."


by Krystle Grayson 2 years ago

Viola Davis would be amazing in a movie portrayal of Nina

by Calvin Pegus 2 months ago

Nina Simone on men: “I’m a star and I’m a woman and they have to deal with the two”. Straight, no chaser.

by Regina Dillard 5 months ago

Nina didn't want to be a singer. She wanted to be a concert pianist. Sadly they would not hire her because of her color. So, she became a lounge singer to help pay the bills. The rest is magical history. I was introduced to her music by my gma. She taught me a great deal about the pov of African Americans... I am a white southern woman and I think the way African Americans are treated and have been treated is atrocious and arrogant. My favorites of hers are Mississippi God Damn and Strange Fruit.

by Nikki Travis 1 year ago

You can tell she’s a very fast thinker, that interviewer couldn’t even finish his question and she already had a response, a very smart response. Respect

by Anthony Young 10 months ago

I'm glad I got to meet her. Lived with her in Ghana when she came for holidays in the late 90s. I was a child like 9, but I remember she was so nice. May she rest in peace.

by ale wa 2 years ago

Please - no negative comments here. Show sum respect - she was/is an international treasure to us.

by Bruce Bosch 1 year ago

If this is your first Nina Simone interview, please view her earlier interviews to get an even better idea of the sharpness and soul of Nina Simone!

by Ocean Lover 1 year ago

"I sing from intelligence. ... letting them know who they are and what they have done to my people. ... I don't want them to think that i don't know who they are." Brilliant!

by Raihanah Mydin 1 year ago

I like tha she says "American blacks", instead of African Americans

"Unlucky in marriages, not unlucky in love" My God, I love that

People think of marriage as the ultimate rendition of Love when it's not always the case. Some Love stories have transcended marriages, divorces, misfortunes and then finally encounter or re-encounter each other to be one, one Love. No marriage is necessary, no civil union, no formalities. Just the awareness of Love.

I learned a lot from her today.

by Maria S' 1 year ago

Interviewer: “So you left America...”
Nina: “RACISM” ✊🏿

by John Thomas 5 months ago

This interviewer is politely trying to down play her. She confronts him every time.

by Turner Page 2 months ago

I enjoy how direct and unapologetic she was. I especially love how she took ownership of her narrative. She was quick to correct the interviewer on his imposing deductions about her life- Good for her! I love her fierceness and sass! Her mind- Lawd! Love her!

by Thobeka Ngcobo 5 months ago

Unapologetically beautiful..It’s 2020 and I smiled the entire interview because of its relevancy and realness.

by Kimberly Clinger 4 weeks ago

She was definitely power playing him in this interview 😩 She controlled the interview. She was a force to be reckon with.

by Oshun05 8 months ago

This interviewer is annoying and condescending, however, Nina handled him!! yass Nina.. very great interview on Nina's part. Rest in peace Nina!! U inspire me til this day!

by BiBi T 1 year ago

Im a Star And A Woman, so they have to deal with the two
--Nina Simone🌸

by Just Being Vee 11 months ago

That gold eyeshadow and lipstick is giving me a royal vibe ❤❤❤

by Denise B. 7 months ago

- the lighting of her cigarette episode 😁😁 the hand from the side...bla bla..suddenly she turned to the man "i'm ready".

This interview one of my fav. No skipping. Kept me awake. Now it 2.44 a.m. She's direct, real and funny. Superb. I will definitely save this video.

by AiDie 1 year ago

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