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[BANGTAN BOMB] 'ON' Kinetic Manifesto Film (BTS focus) - BTS (방탄소년단)

BANGTANTV photo 1 [BANGTAN BOMB] 'ON' Kinetic Manifesto... BANGTANTV photo 2 [BANGTAN BOMB] 'ON' Kinetic Manifesto... BANGTANTV photo 3 [BANGTAN BOMB] 'ON' Kinetic Manifesto... BANGTANTV photo 4 [BANGTAN BOMB] 'ON' Kinetic Manifesto...

Drones be like:

omg every angle is so freaking perfect let's move everywhere

Thank you all for supporting this non-funny comment😭I purple you all😢💜

by Army forever 4 weeks ago

no one’s talking about jimin? seriously? he ATE that, look at his feet, he’s amazing.

by revelubv 4 weeks ago

I'm lesbian, but GOD does hobi make me feel straight

by natalie smith 4 weeks ago

V actually hurt himself in his center part during the second chorus but handled it brilliantly, you can see his face and limping a bit while going to the other formation

by Maria Medeiros 4 weeks ago

Joonie haters: He can’t dance!

Joonie: hold my crabs

by Charlie Bear 4 weeks ago

No one:

The drone at the end: weeEeEE vRWEE

by Min Hope 4 weeks ago

anyone else notice how tired V is?? Just me.. Ok 😭i feel so bad for him (and the others)

by Kassidy Vlogs 3 weeks ago

jungkook almost hitting jimin's head and jimin trying to hide his smile 🤣

by Im Ha Anh 4 weeks ago

I saw comments on Tae tripping, Jimin's pants ripping, Hoseok fixing his shoes and so on. That's exactly why this is called a trial, and that's exactly why I love this. It shows that they're not EXTREMELY perfect or angels dropped straight from heaven (I mean, ofc they are, but you get me right?) It shows the mad level of hardwork, lost sleep, injuries, pain and whatnot sacrifices this has made them go through. I stan inspirational artists.
BigHit wasn't lying when their intro said "music for healing", even if it costed their artists a bunch of medical problems. All I want to tell these boys are GO TO SLEEP. YOU'VE DONE ENOUGH! YOU'RE SO TIRED! GO. TO. SLEEP.

by Jennifer 4 weeks ago

So interesting how they do the move differently!
JK- smash the ground
RM- touchdown the ground
Suga- pat the ground
V- hit the ground
Jimin- pull the ground
Jin and J-hope- hands towards the ground

by G.Hwang 4 weeks ago

_Jin: My dancing skill is poor, I don't know how to dance as fast as the other members .... _
BTS and ARMY: Don't say something like this, you've tried your best, for us you're always the best ...

by 배메리 4 weeks ago


drone: wwwEEEEEEEEEEeEeeeeeEEEE

by nixie! 4 weeks ago

Dude I loved seeing them focus on the drones to get that "intense gaze at the camera" and the drones just zooming around everywhere. It made me think about the work that goes on behind the scenes and how they're putting in so much effort as performers - to do so well just for drones and cameras must take a lot of concentration, even more than performing for an audience because they have to imagine people watching with the drones rather than being able to have the audience members physically there to focus on.
Also the drones were hilarious flying around like nyoom and I can't imagine dancing like that and not breaking down laughing every time one of them zooms right in front of my face... like how do they have that much self-control lol

by Audrey Goodrich 4 weeks ago

J-Hope's part is so cool!

by asgcui34 3 weeks ago

I know how everyone says Jin has improved so much which is true but can we just point out how much work and time he must put in to each comeback. We all know that Jimin, Jhope and other members most likely pick up choreo fairly easy because they are natural dances so for them it’s just about adding their own flair to the dance. Whereas Jin has to focus on literally every step till he gets it right so it can come natural to him. Honestly this is a very hard thing to do when dancing doesn’t come as easily. You have to train your body to move in different ways without seeming too stiff. We can all see this choreography is very difficult so I can’t imagine how many hours were put onto to perfecting it. I just want to thank Jin for never giving up because when it comes to dancing and you can’t seem to get that one move it is so frustrating and personally I end up giving up. So this just shows how much Jin wants to deliver to army’s and be part of BTS. I’m so proud of you Jin!!
P.s All the other members killed it Aswell. From vocals, dance and visuals, I couldn’t cope and the other dances in the original mv smashed it.

by Nisha Paul 4 weeks ago

Ok now the situation is that ... I just start watching these boys recently and I just can’t stop ... they put a smile on my face every time. My Spotify is not getting why I’m moving from LED Zeppelin to BTS 🤣🤣🤣 no matter what music you like, you can’t say that they are not talented and very cute. So funny and full of life. This is what we need at the moment and they are delivering. Congrats BTS, you have 42 year old mum that is dancing with her children in the living room ... looool ...

by Silvia Ogundeko 4 weeks ago

No one:

Not a single seoul:


by Hopeworld_ 4 weeks ago

that was the hottest "eh oh" move jeon jungkook

by Serendipity 4 weeks ago

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