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Devialet Expert 220 Pro - Unboxing and Review

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Hello and welcome to a new video!
This time we have one of the best integrated amplifiers out there, Devialet Expert 220 Pro!
When I first saw this amplifier in showroom at www.avstore.ro and how thin, lightweight and small is comparing to other amplifiers (including my 19 kg BC Acoustique EX-332D) I was very skeptical to be honest.
And then I hit the play button and was shocked on how much power and control this baby amp can deliver driving some very demanding speakers (Audio Physic Codex)!
Hearing it more and more made me wanted to hear it more and more, it's like a drug in a good way; any genre of music, any speaker at any level this amp will sound pitch perfect!
The sound stage is huuuge and detailed, the imaging perfect and the dynamic and bass control left me breathless!
It's a very fast sounding amplifier and paired with good speakers music will never sound the same.
A lot of engineering was devolved in order to obtain such a complete package in a small factor; Everything inside the aluminum chassis is top quality, from the preamplifier stage, to the DAC, to the amplifier stage.
With a gigantic damping factor of 8000 it's grabbing the bass drivers of any speaker and holding them tighter than a hungry anaconda offering you the best control money can buy.
Tested with Audio Physic Codex, Elac FS 509 VX-JET, Monitor Audio Gold 300, Jbl Studio 530, Focal Profile 908 and many other, was obtaining the same result over and over again: perfect sound!
The best part of this amplifier, excepting the other best part (the amazing sound) it's the online configurator that will allow you to match your speakers in SAM (Speaker Active Matching), modify the inputs and outputs to best suit your needs; and let's be honest...you don't find every day a integrated amplifier with the ability to low pas the sub and high pass the speakers giving you the best balance for you system.
And for the turntable enthusiasts on board you will find the "worlds best phono stage" and lots of tweaking the impedance's to get the best from your vinyls!
Good to mention that there is a beta version of the latest upgrade that will allow airplay, dlna, Spotify Connect and with the Infinty Core platform future upgrades and streaming capability should be limitless.
Also if you ever need more power you can always add a second unit and transform it to Expert 440 PRO monoblocks!
All those combined made me want this amplifier sooo bad; it's in my top position for a next upgrade; if you have any other suggestions that I should take into consideration please let me know!.
Pros, - a great overall performer that offers superior dynamics, high resolutions and bass control like no other;
- maximum versatility that you can configure in the online app;
- multiple connections that will cover all your needs;
- luxurious design that screams hi-end.
Cons, - pricey at around 8000 euros (but performance comes with a cost);
- the small display it's almost impossible to see across the room (a duplicate display on the remote is a must considering the price-point)

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I feel like I have a lot to learn after watching this, given the price of this amplifier. I have two Phantom Golds. How does this amplifier, made by the same company compare?

by R Sharkey 3 weeks ago

Best looking amplifier I have seen.

by YPO6 1 year ago

the devialet 140 pro also sound great. a big improvement over my naim supernait and dac

by Henrik Sørensen 7 months ago

Great review! I’m thinking upgrading my d200 because of the core infinity. But the streaming should be perfect. Not like AIR quality is now, where little dropouts are usual. Can you make a video about the usability and quality of the core infinty? Thx

by Fresh New Habits 1 year ago

Best review of Devialet so far, thankyou! I have one question, my favorite aspect of amplifiers is the imaging. Did you get that 'holographic' sensation to the sound stage and imaging from the Devialet?

by Mkay 1 year ago

I made an audition with expert deviation 220 pro, one amplifier per channel with monitor audio silver 100... and... it was amazing!!!!

by valentin denis 2 years ago

I can not imagine how dazed and confused (led zeppelin) would sound like on your setup haha !!! Crazy
Do you play only flacs ? Or what is the best way to get the best quality?

by Hawaiian Prestige Cars 1 year ago

Are these cold sounding analytical is there warmth to the sound? Do you think this is better than most separate amp/pre/dac?

by Audiognome 1 year ago

I don't know much about professional sound overall.... but i do know that those Focal speakers and the Devialet amp you got there are one of the highest level of audio experience you can achieve...one day i will get those also but for now i have a set from Teufel Ultima 40 Surround Impaq 5.1 and i started all this from buying in a second hand shop a pair of old Philips FB 850 Floor speakers and that's how i end up getting in this search for best music quality and still learning everyday something new about it 🤗 i also had also 2 amps from HarmanKardon 137 and 235 with theire own speakers sets and with my first powered subwoofer, abd now 2 weeks i just got my first open back headphones from Beyerdynamic and my Fiio DAC and starting to like this addiction 😁 Nice video and thank you very much for sharing it with us. Can't wait for the next one.Cheers 🤗

by Danny Stefan 1 year ago

Devialet IS at the cutting edge. You really do get what you paid for.

by Stephan Tranquille 5 months ago

its too bad the remote doesnt have a volume display on it

by Chris W 1 year ago

I too own the BC Acoustique 362d class A amp. I am thinking of a 130 pro. How is the Devialet sound signature compare with BC Acoustique? The 362d is warm and is tube like. Thanks!

by Frank Wong 1 year ago

Amazing video but a 500$ laptop and a 5000+$ amp do not go together 😂

by Jason G 10 months ago

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