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Harbeth M30.1 Speakers (Monitor 30.1) - Video Demonstration

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Harbeth M30.1 speakers are very well-balanced and natural sounding, with outstanding midrange clarity and very impressive bottom end performance for the size of the cabinet. Never fatiguing, can be enjoyed for hours. Excellent all-rounders in compact size cabinets.
The purpose of this video is to demonstrate the look and feel of Harbeth Monitor 30.1 speakers and not their sound. For an in-depth review and my thoughts on their sound, please visit my website: https://audionostalgia.co.uk/harbeth-....
Amplifier: Yamaha A-S2000.
CD Player: Yamaha CD-S2000.
Song: Lake Street Dive - I Want You Back

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Audio Nostalgia photo 1 Harbeth M30.1 Speakers (Monitor 30.1)... Audio Nostalgia photo 2 Harbeth M30.1 Speakers (Monitor 30.1)... Audio Nostalgia photo 3 Harbeth M30.1 Speakers (Monitor 30.1)... Audio Nostalgia photo 4 Harbeth M30.1 Speakers (Monitor 30.1)...

For an in-depth review, please visit my website: .
The purpose of this video is to demonstrate the look and feel of Harbeth Monitor 30.1 speakers and not their sound.

by Audio Nostalgia 4 months ago

Thank you for doing the audio community a great service. Your website review and description captured what I myself experienced on the numerous shop and setups on numerous countries. I highly recommend others to read all the harbeth reviews on your site.

by Chris Francis 3 months ago

What stands are you using for your 30.1's? Skylan?

Oh... I see from your web site... that you built the stands.

I just ordered a pair of 30.1's like yours. I got them because I thought they had great clarity and detail resolution, with a sound similar to the Quad ESL 57's. I hope they have a clear sound without any muffled veil, or boomy bass - though based on your comments, I'm a bit worried they may. I'm thinking metal / steel stands might help with their clarity - though - I would not want any ringing.

by R Albin 1 month ago

Beautiful speakers! Very nice full sound. Great top end detail, nice tight accurate bass.

by Hi-Fi Haven 11 months ago

Those speakers need some THRASH METAL music to really bright !

by xflnx 4 months ago

what song is that? im gonna try it on my speakers

by Uzair Sohail 2 weeks ago

Wow, those sound great even with an Android tablet. Envious!

by Junichi Ikeda 11 months ago

Very nice. What type of mic are you using btw?

by FrontSideBus 11 months ago

Please can you state the track playing? I know itโ€™s ABC but whose version?

by Billybob1976 11 months ago

Can this be used for movies

by Jack Ryder 5 months ago

I cannot decide if I like these more then your Tannoy's. Which are your preference? I love your videos, you have great set-ups in lovely rooms. I'm very envious. In a good way. ;)

by Mark Behan 8 months ago

Symphonic music is the true test of a speaker. Its not surprising no one plays symphony music on a demo, they all play something very simple like .

by aztekkthundergod 2 months ago

Very nice, but so they should be for close to ยฃ3k. Listened to these after the Tangents, difficult to put into words how much better these are in all areas. However, the T's can be had for less than ยฃ100 so I'd expect nothing less!

by Deluk 11 months ago

So, after all, what is your favorite? 7, 5, or 30.1?

by Mike Savchenko 8 months ago

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