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Why Non-Catholics Can't Receive Communion

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Holy Communion is not just a member privilege the Catholic Church offers to Catholics. It is an expression of the pre-existing reality that the communicant believes the Eucharist is the Body and Blood of Jesus. In this video, Fr. Mike thoroughly and passionately explains why the Church teaches that non-Catholics cannot receive Communion. Fr. Mike's hope is that through his explanation, you will see how the Church's teaching on this matter expresses its desire for all Christians to be one.
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I have watched several of Fr. Mike's videos. I like his enthusiasm and he seems like a genuine person. But after watching his videos, I know why I have left the catholic church. Lots of rules. In this case, it really rubbed me wrong. I do not think in the bible there was a distinction with Jesus when he gave his disciples bread and wine. (His body and blood). I do not think Jesus said if you were not catholic you can not receive his body and blood. What happened to "All are God's people."

by denvernative65 11 months ago

I got baptized when I was 7, but I've never been regularly to mass until late last year, now I'm 18 and I attend mass every Saturday or Sunday, I never received my first communion and I feel like there's something missing in me when I can't receive it since I know that's Jesus' body...I'll, hopefully, receive it by the end of this year, I'm really looking forward to it.

by Lisette Melián 1 year ago

My whole family is fully entering the Church today. I was baptised Catholic as an infant, but never had first communion or confirmation (Which I am getting today). My wife and step daughters are being baptised, communion, and confirmation as well. Our marriage is also being convalidated (after performing a civil ceremony 5 years ago today). So we had to go through the annulment process (but my wife qualified for the Pauline Provlidege due to her and her ex not being baptised), so that made the annulment process much easier.

What I'm saying is this, it was a long journey (year and a half since we started RCIA), but it's been worth it. We went up for blessings every Sunday during communion, and our Priest was happy to do that for us. We never felt "unwelcomed", we just had more work to do.

I understand WHY some non Catholic Christians have a problem with Communion and other Sacraments, but you have to open your hearts and understand the WHY. The CATHOLIC Church didn't make these rules, Jesus himself did. Just because Protestant denominations are lax on the rules God himself made, doesn't make them ok. If anything, it SHOULD make you question the holiness of your church and church leaders.

We practised patience, and we trusted in God's Will. Which God has rewarded us for that. I am not perfected, I'm a sinner, but I dare not question God. When someone at a Catholic church tells you "Y pu need to do this or that, before you can receive communion," it's for your own good. It's not an elitist thing, it's to protect your own soul. It is sacralidge to receive the Eucharist unworthily. You are better off not receiving, than commiting a Mortal Sin by receiving.

Trust in God, have faith in him, and he will guide you home. BTW, it's MUCH easier to be born into the Catholic faith than to join later in life, so I have learned that lesson. My 2 year old son (who is baptised ) will learn from my mistakes, he will make it all the way through confirmation the correct way.

by Mikey J Productions 1 year ago

I wish this was the way it was explained to me. I'm a Catholic now but before I was a Catholic, I had a long discussion with a priest about what I believe, etc. and he told me, "Wow! You are even more Catholic than most of my parishioners." So I asked, "Then why can't I receive Holy Communion. I know what it is and I want it. I need it." I was told, "Because you aren't one of us." And you are right, Fr. Mike. I felt rejected, and unwanted and unloved. You have a great way of putting things - the way you put it was more like putting a hand out in welcome Not saying 'no' but saying 'not yet.'

by TRIRAD 1 year ago

I am still confused by this. I have been received into the body of Christ, and I do believe fully that communion is the flesh and blood of Jesus Christ. I have been baptized by both water and the Holy Spirit. Are you saying that only Catholics have been received into the body of Christ?

The division among Christians is a painful thing. I don’t understand it. I was raised Catholic, my parents changed churches and then I had an Episcopal Confirmation, I partook in communion at both. It wasn’t until last year, however, that I truly found Jesus and entered into a personal relationship with the Lord. I now go to a (very mildly) Pentecostal Church and we often share services with the Baptist Church in the next over.

I have been to many different churches belonging to many different denominations - and I have been witness to a few churches where the truth of God’s word was not truly preached or where there were add one - but all truly Christ centered churches seem to agree on everything. Except for one: their denomination is the only correct one.

This really saddens me.

Personally, I don’t want to belong to a denomination. I don’t want to say that I follow “Apollos” or I follow “Paul”. I simply want to say I follow Jesus.

by Keiko Cupcakes 1 year ago

When I was going thru RCIA, the priest allowed me to come up during the Eucharist and receive a blessing. Receiving a blessing at that point in the Mass made me feel welcome.

by Lisa Herrling 1 year ago

And Communion is not just for the Catholic family.

by Melissa Melissa 1 year ago

When ever you meet. Do this in his name. We should take communion whenever we meet. Unless your not part of the club. Catholics think they are the chosen ones. It’s really sad. Continue to pray for Catholics.

by Defending the faith. 1 year ago

This “ban on intercommunion” doesn’t reflect the messages I hear and feel through a relationship with God/Jesus/Holy Spirit.

That “pain” the Priest speaks about is certainly not a good thing as he tries to tell us.

It is not the pain of self-sacrifice, submission, humility, turning the other cheek or any other “good” pain testing our ego and bringing us closer to God.

The pain is clearly recognizable as a pain of our conscience — and God speaks to us through our consciences. When we leave our non-Catholic brethren in the pews to receive the Holy Eucharist, we leave our conscience with them.

This video is a long-winded, egotistical, and elitist defense of Catholicism’s exclusion and division among all God’s people.

by Nicholas Vree 10 months ago

Fr. Mike I enjoy all your videos and I love the rituals and history of the Catholic Church but I believe all people of Christian Faith are our brothers and sisters and should not be excluded. When we die God is not going to ask what denomination we belonged too.

by Diane Pechacek 1 year ago

I'm currently going through the confirmation process and it's definitely a struggle at times to not be able to receive the Eucharist. However, I feel like the pain of waiting has brought me closer to Christ, and will make me appreciate the gift of the Eucharist even more when I'm able to receive.

by gridirongirl11 1 year ago

This was actually really helpful. Thanks so much!

by nicole montanez 1 year ago

Amen! Thank you for this explanation. What an amazing world this would be if we were still one church as Jesus intended. God Bless you Fr. Mike.

by Linda Frick 1 year ago

Fr Mike! Again, this is absolutely great!! Colour me impressed :)
Thank you so much!
God bless.

by Cornelius O'Neil 1 year ago

Amen 🙏🏽 ❤️ God bless you Fr. M I have you in my prayers hope you do the same for me :) God bless everyone hope you guys have a great day :))

by Erick Martinez 1 year ago

Thank y’all so much for all these videos. I’ve been a Protestant, specifically a Texas Souther Baptist, for my whole Christian life. In the past couple years, my father has even become a pastor at a small rural church, where we all attend now. So, Baptist upbringing, (mostly) Baptist culture, Baptist Churches all around, and a Baptist pastor father to boot. But I’ve been led recently toward the true Church, and I’ve been reading up a lot, and these videos have really helped. And you’re right, Father Mike, it DOES sting! But I pray that the sting doesn’t stop until I fully join the church.
Thanks again, y’all! Godspeed and God bless

by Stephen Bales 1 year ago

As an anglican with a catholic wife, I really appreciate this video. Thank you.

by FreeGoro 1 year ago

I bet you I could attend a Catholic mass by myself and get communion and they’d never know.

by Evan Coffland 5 months ago

Fr. that was absolutely beautiful. You really explained it so clearly. Thankyou so much. God bless

by Anita poly 1 year ago

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