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A Seminar in Music Business Strategy with Berklee Professor John Kellogg

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In this clip from www.artistshousemusic.org - John Kellogg, Professor of Music Business/Management at Berklee College of Music, discusses matters of strategic interest to anyone starting out in the music industry, whether on the music or the business side. He addresses what the industry is likely to look like tomorrow and how that will change who gets paid and for what, how to use new media methods to get your music to your fans, how to network in the industry effectively, when you need a lawyer, and how to protect and monetize the songs you worked so hard on writing.

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ArtistsHouseMusic photo 1 A Seminar in Music Business... ArtistsHouseMusic photo 2 A Seminar in Music Business... ArtistsHouseMusic photo 3 A Seminar in Music Business... ArtistsHouseMusic photo 4 A Seminar in Music Business...

Processor John Kellogg is well versed in his profession...this video was very informative...I will be viewing more videos from him

by Rochelle Davis 5 years ago

Look into the book called "all you need to know about the music business" its a big help as well.

by Trevin Murray 7 years ago

I enjoyed this man's talk very much .

by Fern Cabral 4 years ago

yeah, thanks for posting, greetings from Berlin!

by malmcowy 7 years ago

Mr. Professor.... kudos, thanks so very much.

by Fender Frank 3 years ago

insight and awesome wisdom. thanks a million

by chris tover 6 years ago

GREAT VIDEO!!! Basic But Brilliant! Looking To Hearing More From You JOHN

by INKompleteBeatzTV 7 years ago

The US copyright office is very expensive at 45$ per registration? The Italian copyright office charges 180 Euros for registering plus 90 Euros per year for the service. So the first time you sign up yuou have to pay 270 euros. It's disgusting.

by Daniele Tiddia 5 years ago

wow the amount of information this man has given to us in this video is awesome. i would really like to learn more and i found this video very helpful . :)

by zerg0707 7 years ago

Awesome, very informative, thanks for sharing!

by Jesse Potter 7 years ago

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