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Top 10 Facts About Italy

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Penso che ci voglia un bel commento italiano qua sotto!

by Jacopo Comparin 4 years ago

i nomi italiani non si possono sentire in inglese XD

by renzo raschioni 4 years ago

"il cielo è azzurro sopra Berlinooo"
ancora mi commuovo se penso ai mondiali del 2006

by doublemdance 4 years ago


by Giulio Iannella 3 years ago

I'm not even Italian - but the second the national anthem started, I put my hand on my heart as a reflex, lol <3

by skrivbok 3 years ago

Long live the proud Italian nation !!! our Mediterrenean brothers..!!!!
Greetings from Greece.

Despite the fact that our countries fought against each other during WW2, the Greeks feel great respect and love for the Italian nation. Here in Greece we know that Italy was forced to attack Greece during WW2 by Mousolini.

Romans and Greeks are friends and parteners since the begining of European History.

And it is well known that during Italian occupation of Greek territories during WW2, the Italian soldiers were the only foreign army that treated to Greek civilians with humanity and respect. This is the main reason that Greek villagers payed back the Italians, by hiding and helping the Italian soldiers from the Nazi soldiers after the German-Italian alliance was broken.

by ΔΑΙΔΑΛΟΣ / Daedalus 4 years ago

Italy is a wonderful country! (I'm Italian)

by Luca Brutti 4 years ago

Italy over France anyday better country in all and I'm not even Italian :)

by theo love 4 years ago

i'm from northern Italy and i eat waaaaaay more than 25 kg of pasta per year

by Vaevictis 3 years ago

..and also we have one of the most disfunctional democracy in the whole European Union, and a very high unemployment rate.

by nunzioforpresident 4 years ago

Thanks so much in school I'm studying Italy

by jacobvlogs 4 years ago

io sono italiana ma io vivo in Australia ora e mi manca l'Italia

by Servant of Christ 3 years ago

mamma mia a pizzeria aNtica (nn capisco il nome)!

by Jules 4 years ago

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