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Ariana Grande - imagine (lyric video)

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"THE EXPEDITION WENT WRONG": by Glitch-Artist Chepertom (instagram chepertomz); Cinematography by Adam DJ Laity (adjlaity www.blackcatfilms.org.uk) and Eric Esterle (ericesterlephoto)
Lyrics added by: Chris Shelley create
#ArianaGrande #imagine

Ariana Grande photo 1 Ariana Grande - imagine (lyric... Ariana Grande photo 2 Ariana Grande - imagine (lyric... Ariana Grande photo 3 Ariana Grande - imagine (lyric... Ariana Grande photo 4 Ariana Grande - imagine (lyric...

i can't imagine a world without you, ari.

by solarinc 1 year ago

Ariana Grande literally made me think my computer was broken for the first minute. I had a frikin' heart attack :')

by iiArtsyAly 7 months ago

Imagine a world where this song isn’t criminally underrated🤢

by Kenny Kenny 4 months ago

I met Ariana Grande

imagine a world like that

by ishika sangraj 8 months ago

editors: which background?
ariana: yes.

by tiny roses 1 year ago

her: *hits her whistle notes perfectly
me: *tries and sounded like a dying horse

by overhoseok 5 months ago

I can sing like Ariana Grande...

Imagine a world like that ;)

by B-BANGTAN ISMS 7 months ago

She didn’t say “yuh” once.

by Tima Mash 1 year ago

i have a boyfriend

imagine a world like that

by Taylor Rebert 3 months ago

I remember crying to this song when it came out.

by Brandon Sanchez 8 months ago

Who's better?

Ariana Grande - Like
Ariana Grande - Comment

by selenophile 3 months ago

Who else thought their internet was lagging with the background fuzziness but then later realised it’s just how the video is😂

by Daniel 1 year ago

Ariana won the Grammys

Imagine a world like that

by E 2 months ago

Hands down one of Ariana's best songs.

by buterajun 7 months ago

spotify said i listen to this song 137 hours, oh dear..

by Ramadhan 3 months ago

Seriously just cried singing to this. I’ve been a tiny elephant (Arianator) for so long that I feel what she feels sometimes and I just watched some old videos of her and Mac and her music with him and her lyrics in this... it’s just so powerful and I love her so much. It gave me chills and something took over me. I know it’s almost a year since he passed a way and I know he is looking down up on her rn from a higher place 💖

by Sella Forever 4 months ago

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