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Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's Wife and Almost Certainly Him Have Corona Virus Canada is Doomed

Argent photo 1 Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's Wife... Argent photo 2 Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's Wife... Argent photo 3 Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's Wife... Argent photo 4 Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's Wife...

I noticed a typo in your title. It seems you wrote "Canada is Doomed" instead of "Canada is Saved".

by Caramel Johnson 23 hours ago

That is the best thing the virus has done so far

by HaveBad Day 23 hours ago

If the executive and legislative branch goes down everything could just centralize under the commander-in-chief which is the governor-general representative of the crown. The crown is the pillar of all three branches. The entire system is set up like that. The Queen is not only the monarch of the country but each individual province as well and has a lieutenant general as her representative. She could dissolve parliaments, call elections, or withhold elections if things get really bad. In other words I wouldn't worry about the Canadian government falling. The entire constitution is set up for times of crisis.
I would worry more about panic. We have a few cases up in my city and things are already starting to slow down. People are already on the brink of panic. I have had a cold combined with bad allergies for a month now and if I'm on the bus and start hacking I could feel the potential riot. I tried to do groceries yesterday and the shelves were cleaned of supplies. Luckily I gathered my supplies weeks ago and just needed veges and bread. I would be more worried about local authorities trying to stop panic more then the governments at Queen's Park or Parliament Hill.

by IMA SHREW 22 hours ago

nooooooooo not our glorious leader... this is hitting me hard rn

by George Dubya 23 hours ago

Was waiting to hear what you had to say about this.

by Non Sequitur 23 hours ago

Oh please collapse. I have wished most of my life that society would collapse from something like this.

by First Last 22 hours ago

They can both drop dead and sizzle in Hell.

by Griseus Lupus 18 hours ago

Bolsonaro apparently also has corona

by Anon Anon 23 hours ago

People with health issues are most at risk with coronavirus, the PM and his wife are young and healthy. They will most likely survive this.

by Devilslayer101 23 hours ago

The test kit is to tell you if you have corona or just the flu. Some people just manifest a mild flu but could pass it onto a boomer who dies from it.

by wizzydq1 23 hours ago

Trudeau isn't the only leader carrying on like a clown (see Australia, USA among others.) Our Prime Minister made our large gathering ban start on a Monday just so he could go to his rugby game and his Hillsong conference.

by T0MMO11 14 hours ago

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