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Inside an $88M Bel Air Mansion with a Hidden Car Elevator | On the Market | Architectural Digest

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Join real estate agents Branden and Rayni Williams of Williams and Williams for a tour of an $88M Bel Air mansion. This breathtaking home features a hidden car elevator, one of the greatest views of Los Angeles out there and a man cave/home theater stocked with 3,000 bottle of wine.
Check out the listing for 822 Sarbonne Rd here: https://thewilliamsestates.com/listin...
LISTING AGENTS: Branden and Rayni Williams of Williams and Williams
OWNER / ARCHITECT: Ardie Tavangarian.
DESIGN & BUILD: Arya Group
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Inside an $88M Bel Air Mansion with a Hidden Car Elevator | On the Market | Architectural Digest

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Architectural Digest photo 1 Inside an $88M Bel Air... Architectural Digest photo 2 Inside an $88M Bel Air... Architectural Digest photo 3 Inside an $88M Bel Air... Architectural Digest photo 4 Inside an $88M Bel Air...

YouTube: wanna be reminded of how broke you are?

by Icie Holliday 10 months ago

No indoor bowling alley?

get this peasant shack out my face

by Ammogram 1 month ago

“You have very low electrical bills”

Yea that’s definitely what I’m most worried about when I buy this 88 million dollar mansion

by Shin ? 1 week ago

Mum: “Go to your room now”!!
45 minutes later:
Kid: ‘slams door’

by Hayven Rangi 3 weeks ago

Imagine forgetting where you kept your phone!

by Life Hackers 10 months ago

Lets be honest. At the end of the day, all you need is the girl you love and some solid wifi.

Edit: and toilet paper during coronaboi

by Float Circuit 2 weeks ago

This house is so big. You could literally have your mistress live on one side of the house and your wife would never find out.

by A Friendly Hobo 1 week ago

The master bedroom is literally the size of my whole house

by Mr Man 3 weeks ago

I have full confidence that I could live my entire life there comfortably without the owner ever seeing me

by LiamGoingLive 9 months ago

Normal people: wow a car elevator

Me: It would be so cool to stand on top of the grass so i can be lifted up by it

by Takence 3 weeks ago

Does he know how stupid he sounds when he says “ONLY” 88M dollars?

by Joe Wolf 3 days ago

random drone: oh a naked guy taking a bath...

by Zed Macapagao 1 week ago

Them: Gives the full address
Robber: here we go again

by Kurt Reyes 2 weeks ago

I couldn't live with my wife in this house... i think i can't handle long distance relationship.

by Akyo 9 months ago


Nobody at all:

Real estate guy: YESSS, MASTER!!!

by Rashid Ali 1 month ago

"Thanks to Tesla solar panels you have very low electric bills"

Well I guess that decides it then!
FInishes caviar and wipes face with a $100 bill
Can I pay in cash?

by Dannyb016 3 weeks ago

This looks more like a private resort you rent for a vacation with private chefs and massagers than a home

by Baller 2 weeks ago

i dont know about you but when he said "no pun intended" i actually think he did intend that pun

by samnic1998 3 weeks ago

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