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Inside a $20M Hamptons Home with a Massive Finished Barn | On the Market | Architectural Digest

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We're back in the Hamptons to visit Flying Point Compound, a $20M property that's currently on the market. This compound features a beautiful recreated barn complete with a gigantic living room, kitchen, conservatory and a basement theater, gym, spa and game room. And that's just the barn. The entire property features the finest landscaping and artwork, guesthouses, a garden, a tennis court and a main house that leaves nothing to be desired.
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Inside a $20M Hamptons Home with a Massive Finished Barn | On the Market | Architectural Digest

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Architectural Digest photo 1 Inside a $20M Hamptons Home... Architectural Digest photo 2 Inside a $20M Hamptons Home... Architectural Digest photo 3 Inside a $20M Hamptons Home... Architectural Digest photo 4 Inside a $20M Hamptons Home...

Why don't these guys do giveaways like other youtubers....

by Vedant Shah 7 months ago

Sorry?? It doesn't have a flower cutting room? Can't buy that

by northscylla 7 months ago

If I had this house I probably would still be laying in my bed watching YouTube😂

by Alexus Alone 7 months ago

Thats not a home... thats a whole damn neighbourhood.

by Ashleigh Zimunya 6 months ago

No one:

Home owner: I’m not feeling the main house today lemme just go to my barn for the weekend

by Tristan Challenger 7 months ago

I feel like this is actually worth it. It’s like five homes in one

by Bo Tyde 6 months ago

Kitchen: intimate
Barn: intimate
Patio: intimate
All 3 guest houses: intimate
him: iNtimAtE fEeL

by anarose o 7 months ago

Mind of a poor person (me): "Oh, I could Airbnb all those guest houses and make the money back!"

by GuidaOnline 7 months ago

When every room in the house is described as “intimate” lol

by trappy 7 months ago

Call me crazy, but this house is too much. It's beautiful, but feels excessive.

by GrayscaleMedia 7 months ago

guys this compound has like 3 million bedrooms. if we all chip in a dollar we could all live here

by 2Sam2 7 months ago

Anyone else think that the barn would make a perfect wedding venue?

by Sophia Robin 7 months ago

this guy: it's very i n t i m a t e

by Gregory Moore 7 months ago

"apple cider, built right here on site" ?????? where are we building cider

by jw groezy 7 months ago

Rarely, do I see a property worth the asking price. This property is a steal at only $20 million.

by Bobby A 7 months ago

Chad is really nervous in front of the camera.

by Anon1993 7 months ago

Why would you ever need 5 kitchens??

by Lusitanu 7 months ago

Owner: Would you like to dine indoors, outdoors, or indoors while feeling like you're outdoors?

by Nick Singh 7 months ago

"imported from France itself"

by postalgbv 7 months ago

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