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Alicia Keys - Full Concert Live 2017

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Set List
01 - 28 Thousand Days 1:07
02 - You Don't Know My Name 6:09
03 - Try Sleeping With A Broken Heart 9:50
04 - Pawn It All 13:52
05- She Don´t really care 18:02
06- Like you´ll never see me again 22:50
07 - If I Ain't Got You 27:05
08 - Fallin' 32:08
09 - Blended Family (What You Do For Love) 39:30
10 - Girl On Fire 43:33
11 - No One 46:45
12 - Empire State Of Mind, Part II: Broken Down 50:51
13 - Illusion Of Bliss 57:29
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#alicia keys

Alicia Keys Chile photo 1 Alicia Keys - Full Concert... Alicia Keys Chile photo 2 Alicia Keys - Full Concert... Alicia Keys Chile photo 3 Alicia Keys - Full Concert... Alicia Keys Chile photo 4 Alicia Keys - Full Concert...

Nunca vi uma mulher tão maravilhosa como esta! I've never seen a wonderful woman like Alicia!!! Natural and simple woman!

by Tatiane Andrade 9 months ago

The interulude between like you ll never see me again and if I aint got you is everything !!

by Rosette Mulumba 3 months ago

Alicia Keys is amazing. I love her voice and musicianship when she plays the piano. Her music is always well produced and her lyrics are always on point and speaks about serious topics that needs to be spread out into the society all over the world. She is a legend, in my opinion. :)

by Jacob Patrick Poulsen 1 year ago

The public is so serious...I mean I'd die to see her live lol and they seem not to appreciate

by Chiara 2 years ago

Colombus Burning Spear Riddim

by dany dan 2 months ago

Que hacen todos sentados inmóviles? que frío en el alma! XD

by Javier Aragone 4 months ago

Oh, we got our feet on the ground and we're burning it down. Oh, got our head in the clouds and we're not coming down

by alicjakrainaczarow 6 months ago

Alicia's sounding pretty smack oooonnnnnnnnnnn here!

by Sam Lewis 1 year ago

Love everything she does. Lover of piano...so I got a pretty good variety of music‼🎶🎹🎶🎤🎶

by Tina Epstein 3 months ago

When Alicia Keys smiles all the worlds problems cease for a moment. Breathtaking

by Geoffrey Kelly 1 year ago

Your Voice give me peace and love , I love you for It and all of you, COME TO FORTALEZA BRAZIL ,PLEASE, I NEVER ORDERED U NOTHING 💖

by Tayssa Gomes 1 year ago

JTM Petite Malouine Thiers 22 octobre 2019 . Je reviens.

by Julien Mosic 4 months ago

Hello Alicia 🙋‍♂️~ This ism awesome 🙏~ 🇱🇷 Thank you sister great (rec) ✍️~ We still have 9-months thee election-day. I feel if we can show, unity as the republicans have, while being more honest, more fluid, more fun, more open, more turn the other check.
More Christ-Like 👁~ Because it's the way we ought to behave we might be able to bring some over to our side, If not than we did the right things for the right reasons, and our universe will recognize it 👁~ 😁~

by Akym Rinkovsky 1 week ago

she has the most beautiful teeth on the face of this planet.

by chardwick paq 5 months ago

Probably one of the most talented womanNever

by Ricky Quick 1 year ago

Unforgettable concert, grateful that I could watch it from the first row. She's a musical goddess, truly extra-ordinary musician, singer, entertainer, women, human. We LOVE you Alicia Keys.

by VRT NWS Basel 1 year ago

Natural, beauty, sweet, herself, my idol. I would like to talk with her everyday, listen to her, enjoy her smile, her humor and jump through her earrings. Hehehe. Het new song Underdog is fabulous.....

by Alex van der Sluijs 1 week ago

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