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ALI – Wild Side(Music Video)

#BEASTARS #ALI #Funk #Rap #Music
ALIの1st CD Single「Wild Side」のMusic Videoが公開!
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Produber:Hisato Yamada(BABEL LABEL)
Director:Naohiro Ohashi(HAVIT ART STUDIO)
Wild Side -Lyrics-
Music:ALI Words:Jua, Leo
Mass に合わせた lifestyle 無理でも楽すりゃ不利.
Freedom 謳歌 理不尽吹き飛ばす skill これ違う last minute
Merci, au revoir.
Pride は邪魔する猛者, Donc vas-y jete ca
全てTryし困憊, 笛に救われ Halftime
Climax 夢見 All in
オッズ見えない Blurred
気持ち飛び立つ Boeing.
Kept walking on the wild side
I don't wanna fall asleep throughout my life
Sometimes in a Clyde Barrow style.
Sometimes like a james bond mind.
be wild side..
try it..
Censor されるかも if i keep singing, keep rapping, keep telling the truth like Malcom X
死んでも意味ある if it’s after this.
ゴマフアザラシに ask whats after death?
心の葛藤 it has to end
でもさぁ案外その気持ちが gem
Avant le voyage tell me whats the plan.
君と踊りたい Last Dance
Kept walking on the wild side.
I don't wanna fall asleep throughout my life.
Sometimes in a buffalo style .
Sometimes like a rockn roll mind.
be wild side..
try it..
Climax 夢見 All in
オッズ見えない Blurred
気持ち飛び立つ Boeing.
It is wonderful my life.
Please could you kiss my name?.
When the music is over..
Turn off light..
It was such a sweet time.
Could you pray for me, my friend?
It’s starting over time...
Taking over the night..
Taking over the blue time.
If you heard that screaming shout in your mind .
Taking over the shine.
Taking over the shooting star.
All I was talking about was music, and that's called jazz!

#Tokyo Pharaoh #Jungle Love #STAYING IN THE GROOVE #Jazz #TEMPTATIONS #Latin #Wild Side #Alien #Soul #Hiphop

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I know everyone is talking about Beastars, but can we just appreciate that this a multinational band? Roots in Japan, Africa, the United States, Europe, and Asia. Mixing languages to make such a bop.

by Twelve12Am 6 days ago

Me and the boys jamming when we suddenly arrived at the black market while following zoogle map

by D R A G O N 1 month ago

Beastars episode ends

Me: getting ready to jam out to the op

Netflix: skips the intro to be helpful

Me: 凸(ಠ_ಠ)凸 frick u

by SlipperSkills 1 week ago

This song makes me feel like a dangerous gangsta ready to rob a bank with my rejected by society fellows...

I"m a 13 years old girl afraid of the spanish google translator voice.

by Júlia Gomes 2 months ago

65% beastars fans
35% ramdons

by gus king 3 months ago

If you ever feel useless, remember that there is going to be ,,skip intro'' for Beastars on Netflix

by Kavabunga Man 4 months ago

I played this song when aggressively eating a goat meat....

by Ibrahim Isa 2 months ago

Furry anime aside this song absolutely slaps.

the furry anime is good too don't hurt me

by AglassofChocolateMilk 2 weeks ago

Ya like jazz?

by Holo 3 months ago

Netflix skip button
Beastars "i'm a joke to you?"

by Diego M 1 week ago

i feel like every song should end with "AND THAT'S CALLED JAZZ!!!"

by vessel thanatos 2 months ago


Japaneses + French + English(?

by Kim Wonpil 3 months ago

What does "kissing someone's name" actually mean? What message are you trying to convey, ALI?

by Ferran 2 months ago

When you speak Japanese and talk to your French-speaking Mom and English-Speaking Dad...... Japafrenglish

by Jasmine Liu 1 week ago

Beastars!, I was expecting this for a long time!.

Algun mexicano? ( Like)

by Travelsamm 2 months ago

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