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A Million Dreams (The Greatest 'African' Showman) Alex Boyé ft. Dixie State University

#dixie state college #the piano guys #keala settle #Hugh jackman #Music
Make your dreams come true at https://www.dixie.edu.
Written, produced, filmed, edited, and starred in by Dixie State University students, faculty, and staff, in collaboration with Alex Boyé..
Exec. Producer/Concept: Dr. Jordon Sharp & Alex Boye'
Director/Producer: Phil Tuckett
Director of Photography/Editor: Ben Braten
Producers: Jyl Hall, Jared Madsen, Megan Church, Joel Griffin, Kayla Coolbear, Misty Frisbey, & Scott Garrett
Unit Production Manager: Judea Runs Through
Camera: Tisa Zito
Camera Op: Jon Tinsley
Key Grip: Sam Perez
Gaffer: Jason Kelly
Student Lead: Francis Chukujekwe.
Alex Boyé Management: Eddie Wenrick
Music Production/Composer: Ricky Valadez.
Soloists in order of appearance, Annie Schutz
Zack Vandermyde.
Ashton Vandermyde
Joshua France
Matt Setoki
Josian Brett, Delaney Beacco, Sarah Jane
Ellie Felice Seegmiller.
Special Thanks to Dr. Richard B. Williams, Paul Morris, Dr. Roger Hale, Dr. Paul Abegg, Dr. Rico DelSesto, Dr. Vicky O'Neil, Dr. Kathryn Mederos Syssoyava, DEl Beatty, Kori Esplin, Ronda Nelson, Lisa Seegmiller Studios, Ashley Snyder, Rocky Neal w/ Air Chaud Ballooning, Alex Santiago w/ Santiago Photography, Nyssa Sara Lee w/ Mask Events & Costumes, Ryan Tilby w/ Spiral Studios, Dan Meyer w/ Cutting Edge Innertainment, City of St. George, and Washington County School District's Robert Schmidt, Linda Sheeran, Caroline Harris, and Cathy McCann.

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Alex Boye photo 1 A Million Dreams  (The... Alex Boye photo 2 A Million Dreams  (The... Alex Boye photo 3 A Million Dreams  (The... Alex Boye photo 4 A Million Dreams  (The...

My roommate's brother is in the one in the wheelchair. He has muscular dystrophy, but, as you all heard, also has an amazing voice.

by Rae Seaweed 2 years ago

"They can say, they can say I've lost my mind"

I mean, you do have a sword in a dude's mouth.

by Donald Moxham 4 months ago

Showing what our African culture is about no matter what race. Whether your Nigerian, South African or Zimbabwean. Amazing work.

by DeCCloz 1 year ago

i expected this to be a satire and was just blown away, like wow

by X J 4 months ago

The world is a better place with Alex Boyé in it

by LeeWhy 10 months ago

I don't think that I've seen something this positive in a very long time. Seriously, there was not an ounce of negativity. That's very rare.

by DreamAisling 1 year ago

That was beyond impressive for a University advertisement.

by Minty Borro 4 months ago

Yes those are teardrops on my face no I’m not sad I’m proud of being here with wonderful people, but I am sad for those who are angry, lost, hurt, sad, and forgotten. I pray for everyone to find happiness and peace

by Rouge Of Wolves 1 year ago

To quote from "The Greatest Showman" ; this video is a Celebration of Humanity!

by Mary Helsing 1 year ago

Why is no one talking about the girl with an AMAZING voice

by Cruizer_Snowman 4 months ago

"The Greatest Showman" Cast is definitely proud of this cover. Dreams crossed all the Globle.

by Dj Hugo B. 4 months ago

As an Igbo student that left his home for Europe and to hear him say "mama mu no na St George"

, I felt it....

A million dreams is all it's gonna to take

by Senor Bit 4 months ago

oh by the way merry christmas everyone 2019

by Stephen Smith 3 months ago

"A Million Dreams" is the most magical song to come out in a long time. 21st Century music seems to have largely lost that magical touch when you compare it to music from the 70's, 80's and 90's.

by KNOW HOPE 7 months ago

I really like Africans singing they have this distinctive voice :laughing:

by Walston Stone 4 months ago

A beautiful world filled with God's love, humanity, peace and mercy. :cross:️

by Av S 8 months ago

And this is Africa. :) imma just send people this link when they ask me what being from Africa is like.:joy:

by MlaG V 1 year ago

IGBO Language: Hello! Mama, m'nno na St. George.
ENGLISH: Hello! Mama, I am in St. George.

Igbo language is really beautiful.

by CaJetan C Ejike 6 months ago

This guy is a fantastic singer, and I love how much emotion he puts into his singing :grin: normally I'm not a person who is so enthusiastic about music and singing. This guy makes me enthusiastic about it:grin:

by Cheyenne Zeolia 1 year ago

Alex i don't know why u weren't original on AGT years back. This is your music and i love it. The pop with African rich harmonies and voices. Love from Nigeria

by Tosin Fayanju 1 year ago

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