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How does an audio amplifier work? (AKIO TV)

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Audio amplifiers are able to turn a low power signal into a high power signal that can drive a speaker. The question is, how does an audio amplifier work?
The circuit simulator: https://www.falstad.com/circuit (it will tell you it's not safe but don't worry, it is.)

#class b #amplifier #class ab #tech #(AKIO TV) #audio #amplifiers explained

AKIO TV photo 1 How does an audio amplifier... AKIO TV photo 2 How does an audio amplifier... AKIO TV photo 3 How does an audio amplifier... AKIO TV photo 4 How does an audio amplifier...

This is literally one of the most well done explanations I've ever seen. Thanks!
Also, your voice is ridiculously clear. Jfc dude. Wow. Lol ๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿพ

by Shannen Norris 1 year ago

Now that is proper English! Well done Sir! Well done indeed! Ta ta!

by CENTURION 10 months ago

Yours was the first explanation that made sense to me. Thanksโ€”

by Douglas Croxford 2 months ago

I'd advice you to use 2 zip ties on your mic holder, by placing them on top of the already tape covered connection.
So the seal doesn't fail too soon.

by korohone 1 year ago

You sound older than you look. I am confused, can't tell if thats your real voice or if you have used some form of filter๐Ÿ˜… no offence. Good video.

by Navjot Singh 4 months ago

Thank you sir! best

by What if 3 weeks ago

In The Mix. Are you him?

by Legitness 9 months ago

For real I could listen to this guy read the TV guide.

by Scale Enlie 1 week ago

That very well may have clarified something I could never understand. Would it be accurate to say a transistor is an infinitely variable relay? I do HVAC so I don't work on boards I replace them.

by Kevin Foster 1 month ago

Why do you sound like murdoc from gorillaz but born in America and puberty hit hard. I'm not hating your voice actually I love it. :)

by NIGHT_COR3 1 month ago

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