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agatha christie After the Funeral Exclusively اجاثا كريستي بعد الجنازة مترجم حصريآ

#بعد الجنازة #agatha christie #بوارو #اجاثا كريستي #Entertainment
When a man disinherits his sole beneficiary and bequeaths his wealth to others just prior to his death, Poirot is called in to investigate.
Director: Maurice Phillips
Writers: Agatha Christie (novel), Philomena McDonagh (screenplay)
Stars: David Suchet, Philip Anthony, Robert Bathurst

#بوارو مترجم #اجاثا كريستي مترجم #poirot #After the Funeral

agatha christie photo 1 agatha christie After the Funeral... agatha christie photo 2 agatha christie After the Funeral... agatha christie photo 3 agatha christie After the Funeral... agatha christie photo 4 agatha christie After the Funeral...

The quality of this video is outstanding .

by Sue Collins 1 month ago

That was an amazing episode I enjoyed it very much, many thanks Fadi for this great uploading 💜🌸💜🌸💜🌸💜

by led light 1 month ago

I'm am so greatful for these episodes, thanks from Alabama, USA.

by Vivian Hamilton 1 month ago

If I had a family like this, I'd run from them... (y)

by Gregory Cooper 1 month ago

That woman's performance (Killer) was outstanding.

by Jason Cummings 3 weeks ago

Fadi thank you thank you for downloading these wonderful mysteries. I watch them over and over and still see something new.

by Anne Falewitch 1 month ago

Fadi you are super! This is my fave episode & brilliant although slightly sad story. A young Michael fassbender plays great part! Can never never you enough for Poirot & Marple to enjoy everyday! Love from Ireland 🇮🇪☘️👍😁❤️

by PRINCESSLEELAA11 1 month ago

Thank you Fadi ✨✨✨ This episode is one of my personal favorites!

by thecleverkitten 1 month ago

So many great actors in this one! Lovely

by P_ NK 1 month ago

Michael Fassbender was as crappy back then as he is now ;)

by john smith 1 day ago

Thanks from Quebec City, Canada! ❤️

by Tara verte 78 1 month ago

Self-quarentined in my L.A. home, thank you for keeping me sane and without cabin fever.
Thank you and stay safe

by Lilly 3 weeks ago

oh bother ! all these far fetched twists, turns and convolutions . just call Chief Inspector Japp , and get it done and over with .

by cousin nastee 2 days ago

Thanks again: needed to watch now when I'm under the weather. xxoo

by Alana Ronald 1 month ago

Love Poirot! This was one of the few Poirot’s that l haven’t seen, David Suchet is the best Poirot, amazing quality in this video. Thanks for the download!😊

by Shawn Davis 1 week ago

Thankyou sir may allah bless you for providing these gems to us again nd again
Bless you sir

by naseem bano 1 month ago

Another excellent one not often seen on YouTube - you're the best Fadi - thanks!

by Anstria Tarot 1 month ago

Getting me through quarantine. Thanks so much . I'm falling in love with suchet's performance as poirot

by Gervin Rublico 2 days ago

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