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Basic Electricity - What is an amp?

#Electricity #amps #ampere #Science & Technology
What is electrical current? What are amps? Find out in this video!
Next video on voltage: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TBt-kx...
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#Physics #Science #Engineering #Electronics

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by Afrotechmods 2 years ago

At LAST!!! An explanation without any confusion, or "jumps" to a next item without establishing clearly the last concept. THANK YOU Afrotechmods!

by MrCapi55 3 years ago

Finally a clear but not oversimplified explanation in that matter.

by SoulGuitarMetal 5 years ago

"Very handy for when you don't wanna die in a terrible fire" cracked me up. Great presentation!

by Niklas Jonsson Westerlund 3 years ago

this video is what got me interested in electronics more than ever before

by BoomBrush 4 years ago

please add more basics videos. :) thank you. I really enjoy how you explain

by Sarah F. 4 years ago

you HAVE TO CONTINUE the series, please! this is the most clear and fun explanation ever! THANK YOU

by yooaanaa 5 years ago

Thanks so much for sharing the info with us, it was very helpful; Jesus Christ Bless you! :)

by Chance Watkins 5 years ago

Great skill of teaching.... Was very helpful ND clear!!!

by Bharat Kerai 3 years ago

This is "Teaching with Style" thank you so much for such a clear explanation.

by The Dude7 3 weeks ago

Finally someone explains what a 'charge' is!! Thank you!

by Andybaby 1 year ago

Will any of my friends even open this link๐Ÿ˜‚

by TripleFireX 1 month ago

"Electrons cant just jump through the air" HMM what do you call plasma then

by mister clean 6 months ago

where were you when i had to take my physics exam in electronics :D nice explanation. looking forward to the others.

by Ashaira 4 years ago

"Portable doomsday device" xDD
amazing video man, really informative thank you alot

by Mohamed Osama 3 years ago

When you say "electrons moving through a certain point/sec," does that specific point have a specific volume? Is it just the size of the atom that the electrons are flowing through? Or does the volume not matter? THANKS!!

by butttless 4 years ago

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