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Sculpting Matt Damon in Cx5

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About this project.
I recently sculpted Matt Damon for the Jimmy Kimmel Live! show (and for Matt's 40th birthday)..
For this piece, I tried to capture a look somewhere between all the expressions Matt can make with his very animated face. The result is a sculpture that sometimes looks like he's about to smile, sometimes smirking, sometimes irritated. The idea was to have the expression go with whatever was being said on the show. I like the piece- this is classical portraiture and the expression changes with the lighting..
THE MATERIAL, I sculpt exclusively in Cx5, a material I invented and have available at store.adambeaneindustries.com Cx5 handles like fine clay when warm and is hard as plastic when cool. My two favorite properties of the material are: First, it needs NO armature! (regardless of the size of the piece- it is totally self-supporting), and second, when it's cool, you can be as rough as you like with it without worrying about mushing up your details. In fact, I scrub my sculptures vigorously with dish soap and a toothbrush to keep them clean throughout the sculpting process- something you absolutely cannot do with ordinary clay. It is liberating to be able to hold a sculpture in your hand as it takes form instead of having it be stuck on an armature. Cx5 can be reused indefinitely and is completely non-toxic.
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I hope you enjoy this video.
Thanks for looking!!
-Adam Beane


Adam Beane photo 1 Sculpting Matt Damon in Cx5 Adam Beane photo 2 Sculpting Matt Damon in Cx5 Adam Beane photo 3 Sculpting Matt Damon in Cx5 Adam Beane photo 4 Sculpting Matt Damon in Cx5

*Sarah Silvermann voice* "I'm sculpting Matt Damon..."

by Chad Smith 7 years ago


by unknown unknown 6 years ago

looking forward for cx 5 filament!

by Jose Parra 3 years ago

WOW!! This is just amazing!! I love it! <3

by Alina 3 years ago

"Perfect finish every time" Im glad you are aware of how good you are.

by Nia Castro 7 years ago

2:18 (matt damons voice) "wha...what are you doing, what are you...ow, oww!!!! owwwww!!!!!! oww!!!!!!" man this is really good though! great job!

by Lorenzo Von Matterhorn 7 years ago

Thanks everyone, for all the kind words and amazing comments- it's wonderful to get such positive feedback! Forgive me for not responding sooner- I've been... sculpting! Stay tuned... ;)

by Adam Beane 9 years ago

got a question, you use kerr waxer right, now if the cable is compatible with other waxers?

by KuwaNeko 5 years ago

just looking at Matts expression makes me want to laugh! thats amazing man!

by skipstalforce 9 years ago

The title of the vid sounds like "Today we will cook eggs... so easy, everyday routine". This is rocketscience man!

by egasinika 7 years ago

Wow, man. You have skill!!! I love how much detail can be put and it just stays there. :o I'm truly amazed, you just got a new fan and a sub. Wow, I'm going to go get me some Cx5 now.

by xChippottle 9 years ago

That was stunningly Beautiful and impressive! Would love to purchase one of Farrah Fawcett from You!!

by Shon Hudspeth 8 years ago

OMG Adam, start selling the Cx5 to us already. my wallet is yours just take my money already! lol

by Toyman1982 8 years ago

wow! That is impressive. Never heard of Cx5. How does it compare to Das clay?

by dashinvaine 6 years ago

WOW - This is awesome! The music fits this video perfectly too.

by nuclealosaur 9 years ago

freaking amazing! i would so buy this off you! big Matt Damon fan! hehe ;D

by Hannigram Simmer 9 years ago

That's upsetting on so many levels. Great work!

by professorcookie 7 years ago

My questions are: how long did it take for him to learn this craft, and does he sell the sculptures?

by Mason Gates 7 years ago

@trevisw513 Thank you so much!

by Adam Beane 9 years ago

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