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Behind the Scenes with Superstar Comedian Sebastian Maniscalco | Nightline

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Maniscalco was in "Green Book" and "The Irishman," and broke the record for the highest-grossing comedy event in North America last year. He said his father is his biggest inspiration for his comedy.
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ABC News photo 1 Behind the Scenes with Superstar... ABC News photo 2 Behind the Scenes with Superstar... ABC News photo 3 Behind the Scenes with Superstar... ABC News photo 4 Behind the Scenes with Superstar...

I love how he talks about every day stuff. I watch him all the time on Netflix.

by Pamela H 1 day ago

i like this type of comedian not cursing a lot it has daily routine what to expect funny angry day or something dumb. Gabriel iglesias has a unique way to tell a story his daily life. remember never tell your personal life in comedian world. cause it doesn't work in life.

by philyhero33go 2 days ago

I love this guy, heโ€™s hilarious! Saw him on The View and plate night and he cracks me up for real.

by Right_Back_ Atcha 2 days ago

Heโ€™s hilarious! One if the funniest comedians ive seen. Very relatable

by E I 2 days ago

His Dad seems very sweet and looks great for his age!

by Lemons19902010 2 days ago

So proud to see a fellow NIU Huskie make it to the top.

by Kung Fu Lender 2 days ago

I found him this this year heโ€™s pretty awesome !

by CoolCalmChris 2 days ago

Heโ€™s my favorite! Love him!!

by hoptoi 2 days ago

This is news? Please let us know who your boy Jussie Smollett wants us to vote for in the 2020 election ABC! LMAO!
You have given America the Operation Mockingbird Flu!

by Gooey 911 2 days ago

What is he doing

by Max Ka 2 days ago

Not familiar. But I hope he's good enough not to rely on the usual racial or homophobic crowd pleaser jokes that so many high profile comedians have in every set.

by My Opinion 1 day ago

Heโ€™s the most overrated comedian, right next to Kevin Hart

by J P 2 days ago

"Superstar"... Really? Never heard of him. How about a piece on Bill Burr, Dave Chapelle, Greg Giraldo, literally ANY other comedian? No? Why do you hate comedy?

by Private Press of Flint 2 days ago

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