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The Armenian Genocide [ The Hidden Holocaust ] 1992 Documentary

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The Armenian Genocide (Armenian: Հայոց Ցեղասպանություն, [hɑˈjɔtsʰ tsʰɛʁɑspɑnuˈtʰjun]), also known as the Armenian Holocaust, the Armenian Massacres and, traditionally among Armenians, as the Great Crime (Armenian: Մեծ Եղեռն, [mɛts jɛˈʁɛrn]; English transliteration: Medz Yeghern [Medz/Great + Yeghern/Crime]) was the Ottoman government's systematic extermination of its minority Armenian subjects from their historic homeland in the territory constituting the present-day Republic of Turkey. It took place during and after World War I and was implemented in two phases: the wholesale killing of the able-bodied male population through massacre and forced labor, and the deportation of women, children, the elderly and infirm on death marches to the Syrian Desert. The total number of people killed as a result has been estimated at between 1 and 1.5 million. The Assyrians, the Greeks and other minority groups were similarly targeted for extermination by the Ottoman government, and their treatment is considered by many historians to be part of the same genocidal policy..
It is acknowledged to have been one of the first modern genocides, as scholars point to the organized manner in which the killings were carried out to eliminate the Armenians, and it is the second most-studied case of genocide after the Holocaust. The word genocide was coined in order to describe these events..
The starting date of the genocide is conventionally held to be April 24, 1915, the day when Ottoman authorities arrested some 250 Armenian intellectuals and community leaders in Constantinople. Thereafter, the Ottoman military uprooted Armenians from their homes and forced them to march for hundreds of miles, depriving them of food and water, to the desert of what is now Syria. Massacres were indiscriminate of age or gender, with rape and other sexual abuse commonplace. The majority of Armenian diaspora communities were founded as a result of the Armenian genocide.
Turkey, the successor state of the Ottoman Empire, denies the word genocide is an accurate description of the events. In recent years, it has faced repeated calls to accept the events as genocide. To date, twenty countries have officially recognized the events of the period as genocide, and most genocide scholars and historians accept this view.
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i feel your pain. my parents fled cambodia after surviving the khmer rouge. peace be with you

by Polin Hem 1 year ago

So sad that my great grandparents went through this, thankful for my great grandpa to have survive

by chumfuk 015116 1 year ago

Everyone forward this video to Cenk Uygar

by Brad Burns 1 year ago

Our only way to get revenge on the Turks is to survive!
Long live Armenia

by Sam Bagz 2 years ago

if turkey is saying never happened means they never changed

by Carlo F 4 months ago

Truly sad, too bad through out history this has happened a lot.

by Carlos Danger 4 years ago

Who's here today after the US Congress recognized this as a genocide? Its was genocide

by Peter Kago 5 months ago

Man.. I'm surprised I had to learn about the Armenian Genocide this way. I knew about it, but not much when it came to the details. So horrible..

by joegrst 3 years ago

The most unsettling thing about this is that I was never taught about this in school

by F1R3D ASIAN 1 year ago

Great work! I was wondering if we could get permission to show this documentary at an Armenian Club event at the University of La Verne in California?

by Margarita Petrosian 3 years ago

Thank you for talking the truth , i hope soon the Turkish government do the same as first step toward JUSTICE

by 1915GenocidalTurks 6 years ago

Big up to my Armenian Christian brothers, love their story. They withheld the Muslim herd for more than 1500 years.

by Jordan Rodriguez 4 years ago

April 26 2015 Bulgaria's Parliament recognizes the Armenian Genocide 
Standart News - Today the Bulgarian Parliament recognized the mass extermination of Armenians in the Ottoman Empire in the period 1915 - 1922 and declared April 24 a day of remembrance of the victims. The decision was adopted by the 43rd National Assembly with 157 votes "for", 37 against and no abstentions, after several hours of debates.Копирано от

by 1915GenocidalTurks 4 years ago

There is a lot of truth in this video a lot but there's one important fact all this land was Armenia.

by Edmond Isayan 6 years ago

We remember and demand)Armeniaaaaaa ♥We are strong♥

by Harut Yan 2 years ago

thanks to our political correctness I'm not allowed to express my views of the peoples who did this

by The Last Spartan 1 year ago

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