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When Food Is Your BAE! || Crazy Food Hacks And Pranks You’ll Want To Try

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Is food your everything too? If food is your BAE... this video is definitely for you!.
Get your appetites ready because we’ve scrounged up some seriously awesome food hacks you didn’t even know you needed.
And all of us love a good laugh and there's nothing funnier than pranking your friends! Surprise your friends with these simple yet genius food prank ideas that will guarantee a fun time!
Have fun watching and stay tuned for more! With these cool food hacks you will always be in trend!
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123 GO Like! photo 1 When Food Is Your BAE! ||... 123 GO Like! photo 2 When Food Is Your BAE! ||... 123 GO Like! photo 3 When Food Is Your BAE! ||... 123 GO Like! photo 4 When Food Is Your BAE! ||...

kevin as a young adult: OH NO I HAVE NO SPOON! ill just use my fingers...
...DUDE WHAT?! -_-

me as a kindergardener: OH NO I HAVE NO SPOON! takes wraper uses it as a spoon

by Sthembile Tshikosi 3 weeks ago

Kevin: who new December could be so hot?!!?
Me: me!!

cause I'm Australian (I'm in Australia right now) December for us Australians is Summer!!!
So I knew it was hot

by Franca Giangualano 4 days ago

Wait but whenever you put plastic wrappers on your plate you’re wasting plastic wrappers

by Elina K 1 week ago

Kevin:i have nothing to use o well
Dips his finger in the yogurt.

by Princess Vai 1 week ago

Hey I'm back yesss I have watched this video lily is my sisters name and I who wants a voice reveal

by LeeAnne Magaya 2 weeks ago

When Lana is done folding the spoon I that looks like a lollipop."and there a sneaky kevin

by Tk Sarasai 1 month ago

Did any one see that Kevin was wearing he same shirt that Amy had on in her
“Closet" 😂lol

by Mai Kia Yang 1 month ago

Did y’all realize Lana and Emily were eating Cheetos with her left hand or did I just realized that?

by Parvin Akther 2 months ago

For the second hack. But you still have to watch the pot from the pasta sauce

by Karis Xu 2 weeks ago

My name is Mary Anne Magaya and Lee Anne Magaya is my sister this is her account Jk but name is Mary Anne okay and Lee Anne or lily is my sister

by LeeAnne Magaya 2 weeks ago

Sharing is caring but you can’t just Steele them

by Dixie Stars 2 weeks ago

Thumbnail: use chopsticks to eat chips
Me: I don't know how to use chopsticks

by Poohzerg Lil Zerg 2 months ago

Why do they use the word "snag" so much. By the way I LOVE YOUR CHANNEL! ❤💗

by Tina Fire yeah 1 month ago

Uhm Idk

by Dush 2 months ago

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